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    An envelope enables you to decide how a sound will change when played. They are typically labeled “ADSR” for Attack, Decay, Sustain, and Release. However, some may have an extra letter such as “H” for “Hold”, which is common in FL Studio. Another variation is another “D” for “Delay”.

    Most common envelope:

    Attack: is the time taken for the initial run-up of level from 0 to peak, beginning when the key is pressed.
    Decay: is the time taken for the subsequent run down from the attack level to the designated sustain level.
    Sustain: is the level during the main sequence of the sound’s duration until the key is released.
    Release: is the time taken for the level to decay from the sustain level to zero after the key is released.


    Delay: is the length of silence between hitting a note and the attack.

    Hold: is how long the envelope stays at full volume before entering the decay phase.

    Any of these can be part of any sound envelope. It is typical to use them in amplitude envelopes. These parameters are absolutely essential to sound design.

    Please respond with any questions or comments you may have, lets build!

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