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    It took me a lot of trial and error to balance export time and video quality when starting out in Adobe Premiere Pro so if you find yourself in that same position here are the export settings I use for the majority of my video projects.

    Starting point is the “H.264” preset. To keep it simple this is one of the most used and compatible formats but keep in mind once you start trying to change audio and video codec’s (within the H.264 format) you can cause compatibility issues with some devices but overall this format is a great choice and keeps your exports a manageable file size.


    If you use the Pre-Render function as much as I do you will see at the bottom of the image the “Use Previews” option is checked. By checking that option when the video is exporting it will “read” the footage you Pre-Rendered while working on your project. This can reduce the export time and keep the export process running smoothly.

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