Dark Bundle Sound FX Pack

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Number of Sounds in Pack: 20

Created By: Canna CDK

Type of Pack: Dark & Twisted

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Dark Bundle Sound FX Pack

A collection of twenty (20) custom sounds to enhance your next project. All sound files are high quality and in WAV format.

Dark Bundle Includes:

Axe Chop Swing with Impact
Bones Cracking & Breaking
Crack Yo Neck
Cracking Open Chest with Peel
Creature Growling
Cutting Someone Open
Dark Horror Sound Clip
Electric Static Constant
Evil Laugh with Bass Rumble
Firm Impact Booster
Old Movie Projection Camera Reel & Adjustments
Quick Scratching
Record Needle Scratch
Smoke In & Smoke Out
Souls Moving Backwards Supernatural
Stereo,Turntable Needle Scratching Record
Suspense Build-up & Fade
Thunder & Lightning With Electricity Sparks
THXB Introduction – Laser


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