Grim Singmuf – Deviant Dialect


Grim Singmuf – Deviant Dialect

Grim Singmuf – Deviant Dialect

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Total Tracks: 19

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Grim Singmuf – Deviant Dialect

Grim Singmuf – Deviant Dialect


  1. Intro
  2. Deviant Dialect
  3. Rap Format featuring Canna CDK & Maniak Max
  4. Swine Bucket featuring Nekro G
  5. Enjoy the Cid
  6. Dirty Bong Water featuring The Young Divine
  7. Unknown Route
  8. Non Stop featuring Jay Prophet
  9. Interlude
  10. Musical Medicinals featuring Nekro G, Daniac, & Kaijai
  11. Shasta Freestylin featuring Tone Dizzy & The Young Divine
  12. Lilikoi boy
  13. Darkness featuring Nekro G, The Young Divine, & Jinzx
  14. Flushot
  15. Trepanation featuring The Young Divine
  16. Lyrical Graffiti featuring Maniak Max & DMK
  17. Grim Mallory
  18. New England Underground featuring Canna CDK
  19. Outro



Grim Singmuf maintains a strong community involvement. He collaborates with other like-minded artists. Creating a unique brand of psychedelic Hip-Hop. This philosophical wordsmith creates warped ideas. Offering the world a unique and colorful perspective unlike any other. Through his wild musical collaborative efforts. Musically, Grim Singmuf blends live recordings to his digital samples. Grim’s other life experiences all factor-in and serves a purpose somewhere along the lines. Proficient playing hand drums, and harmonica Grim can be found gaining inspiration from a neighborhood drum circle, or by a riverside playing his harmonica.

Music has always been the one constant of his life. It has been ever since Grim packed-up and left home for the road. Hitchhiking and Train hopping at age sixteen. Following his dreams, putting in the hard work and effort, and knowing when to relax and eat a few shrooms along the way. With the focus purely on innovation, evolution, imagination, and beat-design. Now the newest member of the Earworm Entertainment Artist Collective [EwEaC]. A new chapter of the Grim Singmuf story has begun to unfold. A brotherhood bonded by love, loyalty, and music. The best of Grim Singmuf is unfolding now before your’ eyes.


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