The Simpleton To Blame


War Machine

Total Tracks: 15

WARNING: This album contains controversial content. If you can’t take a joke or get easily offended this album probably isn’t for you.

“The Simpleton To Blame”

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The Simpleton To Blame

From one of our newest affiliated artists War Machine comes his debut album “The Simpleton To Blame” available for free download.


  1. The Simpleton To Blame
  2. You Fucking Sucks Ass
  3. My Ass Burns Like A Thousand Suns
  4. I Am A Prick
  5. Thats All I Need Right Now
  6. The Mother Fucking War Machine
  7. Fuck You Dumb Fucking Bitch
  8. Let The Ass Bleed
  9. Respect My Authority
  10. Just Wanna Get Wasted
  11. Go Fuck Yourself You Fucking Twat
  12. I Laugh As You Cry
  13. Dragon Buttholes Are Tight
  14. Watch As I Get Cancelled
  15. Rosie O Donnell vs Cthulhu

Disclaimer: The content of this album does not reflect the expressed opinions or views of Earworm Entertainment or its artists.

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