Can I Buy Points?

No, You can’t buy points but really that would ruin the fun of earning the points, and then making the decision to either save them up or cash them in for benefits and rewards. And lately, if users had the […]

How Do Levels Work?

With the new Loyalty Rewards & Points comes a ranking system based on the total number of points on a persons account. The more points you have the higher you climb, simple as that. But there is a twist. As […]

What Can Points Be Used For?

Points earned can be used for a few different things depending on what your goals are. The first option for spending your hard earned reward points is save them. Partnered with our Loyalty Rewards & Points we also have a […]

How Do I Earn Points?

There are various methods to earning point. The first step is make sure you have signed up on our site. If you are a new member signing up will earn you 100 points right away! Once you have your account […]

What is Loyalty Rewards & Points?

This loyalty rewards system is a fun way to earn a little something for buying, sharing, and supporting Earworm Entertainment and its music artists. The reward system is integrated with the entire website except for Earworm Radio.