Points earned can be used for a few different things depending on what your goals are. The first option for spending your hard earned reward points is save them. Partnered with our Loyalty Rewards & Points we also have a ranking system. The more points that you earn the higher your rank will be. As you reach certain point totals you will notice your rank title, image, and description will change. The next option is cashing them in for virtual rewards such as coupons to use on your next purchase from the Earworm Shop. Currently those reward options are:

  • $5 OFF – 750 Points
  • $10 OFF – 1500 Points
  • $15 OFF – 2500 Points
  • $20 OFF – 5000 Points
  • Free Shipping – 5000 Points

Note: We are always adding, improving, and upgrading so more rewards will be added as-well.

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