Official website changelogs.

3.10.23 –

  • Front Page – News – Added more News categories with featured articles from each to the front page of site.
  • Page – Shop – Added hover style to shop product images.

11.3.22 –

  • Global – Smart Search – Improvements made to site search to consolidate results from all branches to a single search result page (currently includes news articles, pages, and products).
  • Shop System – Product Category Pages – Removed side bar elements (blocks/widgets) from Product Category pages.

9.26.22 –

  • Global – Notice System – Improved Website Notice System (shown on top of site).
  • Global – Social System – Now in Live phase (no longer developmental).
  • Global – Social System – Notification bubble (bottom right corner of site) added. This is only visible with new notifications. Additionally notifications can be seen on “Activity” page sidebar.

7.18.22 –

  • Global – Newsletter – Users now can subscribe to News and receive emails when new articles are posted.
  • Global – Forum System – Forums have been discontinued and removed.
  • Global – Navigation – User’s Earworm Cash Total has been added to site menu.
  • Global – Navigation – User’s Cart has been added to the site menu.
  • Shop System – Payment Option – Venmo has been added as a payment method option.
  • Widget – Subscribe – Users can now subscribe to multiple “lists” via our Newsletter block.
  • Global – Navigation – Menu items have been organized & consolidated for easier site browsing.
  • Global – Audio – New audio management system has been added site-wide.

2.15.22 –

  • Global – Social System – Added to site in Alpha Testing phase (Developmental).
  • Global – Social System – Added Followers to site Social System.

1.10.22 –

  • Page “Affiliates” – Added Altars of Sand as Affiliate.
  • Page “Artists” – Added Worm City Syndicate as Artist.

12.23.21 –

  • Forum System – Improved visual element design [Visual Impaired Friendly].
  • Global – Increased “letter-spacing” for the navigation menu.
  • Global – Increased Menu “note” text size from 9px to 12px.
  • Shop System – Changed preview image shape from square to round.

12.14.21 –

  •  Page “Profile” – Rearranged contents under the “About” tab.
  •  Page “Profile” – Updated CSS style to clarify the text and define profile content.
  •  Page “Profile” – Updated CSS style for the “Purchases” tab.
  •  Page “Profile” – Updated CSS style for the “Product Reviews” tab.
  •  Page “Profile” – Changed CSS border radius for the top left and top right of the cover photo.
  •  Page “Profile” – Added user “Name” and “Biography” to the heading area of the Profile page.

12.10.21 –

  •  Page “Subscribe” – Replaced bulky Jetpack form with new lightweight simplified Form.
  •  Page “Wallet” – Modified design to fit the new layout.
  •  Page “Wallet” – Modified design to improve reading for visually impaired users.
  •  Page “Videos” – Added “Mixtape Volume 5” playlist to Gallery.
  •  Global – Changed “Featured Image” for Pages/Posts border CSS from square to oval.

12.9.21 –

  •  Page “Artists” – Fixed alignment and border-radius appearance to match website layout and view.
  •  Shop System “Wishlist” – Removed from Earworm Shop due to conflicts and lack of use.
  •  Page “Shop” – Removed clutter tags/badges from products. Replaced with simplified “Sale” overlay.
  •  Shop System “Discount Rules” – Modified discount rules/sales protocol to improve automated discounts on products.

12.8.21 –

  •  Forum System “Thread Image” – Modified border-radius CSS code from 0% to 100% to match image view with the website theme.
  •  Widget – Optimized widget (sidebar) display elements to better suit browsing from page to page and section to section.
  •  Widget Area “Off-Canvas” – Reduced clutter and load-time with Off-Canvas widget area content and elements.
  •  Chat System – Removed all sidebar & widget content from the EwEaC Chat section to reduce clutter and page load-time.


  1. GlobalThis takes effect across the entire website.
  2. PageWill take effect to a single page only.
  3. Shop SystemChanges take effect to Earworm Shop only.
  4. Widget Only effects items on sidebar area(s) only.
  5. Chat SystemOnly effects EwEaC Chat page/system only.
  6. Forum SystemChanges effect Discussion Boards (Forums) only.
  7. Social System – Changes effect Users, Accounts, Members, Etc.


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