Professional Audio Production ○ Video Production ○ Screen-printing Services ○ Custom Merchandise. Additional services include but not limited to digital art design, 3D Printing, and home to the Earworm Entertainment Artist Collective.

Earworm Entertainment Overview

Earworm Entertainment was launched on January 22nd, 2017. The Earworm Entertainment brand breaks down into three branches. The first branch is the EwEaC (Earworm Entertainment Artist Collective) which is made up of artists from all over New England. The second branch is creation and production. Earworm Entertainment creates and distributes music, merchandise, videos, and more for its artists and clients. The third and final branch of Earworm Entertainment is our online store. Merchandise from EwEaC artists, affiliates, and Earworm Entertainment can be purchased from the Earworm Shop.

What is Earworm Entertainment?

Earworm Entertainment is a business specializing in audio production, digital release preparation, & live event music. Also under the Earworm Entertainment brand is the EwEaC which is a collective group made up of artists covering a broad spectrum of sub-genres & styles.

What Does Earworm Offer?

Earworm Entertainment currently offers a wide variety of multimedia services. These services include cutting-edge audio production, audio enhancements, live event DJ services, single song & full album production, and video production services. Other services currently offered by Earworm Entertainment include personalized promotion services, album artwork & associated design, printed marketing materials, and much more. Earworm Entertainment is geared towards helping further the ambitions and goals of our clients. So let us help you make your next project stand out from all the rest.

What is offered with Audio Production?

Entertainment’s various music production services offer you the opportunity to record your audio in high definition, professionally mix, and master your project, and prepare it for its release. In addition to professional audio services, Earworm Entertainment is also home to the Earworm Entertainment Artist Collective, Brand, and Online Shop offering quality merchandise with a unique artistic design & style

Our staff at Earworm Entertainment can create customized digital artwork, quality musical productions opportunities, personalized advertisements, logos, website designs, clothing artwork designs, live event DJ’ing (to New England and the surrounding area [including full stage/dance lighting] ), quality merchandise, company identification cards, bandpasses, and more! We embrace challenges and strive to exceed expectations.