Bring on the New + Behind the Scenes

Bring on the New + Behind the Scenes With Grim Singmuf & Jay Prophet

Bring on the New + Behind the Scenes Take a behind the scenes look with Grim Singmuf & Jay Prophet at how we do what we do when it comes to filming music videos and produce our instrumentals with some […]

Find Yourself! Earworm Cares

Find Yourself! Hello, fans, friends, and family of the Earworm nation! We hope you and your loved ones have no problem finding yourselves! Some look to others to find what truly lies within. The true power comes from within. During […]

3rd Eye Rize Productions Art from the Prophet

3rd Eye Rize Productions Earworm’s own Jay Prophet operates an art and video production company called “3rd Eye Rize Productions”. This is where the masked musician’s audio and visual artistry collide. Dedicated to his art, as well as collaborations and […]

Artist Collective

Earworm Artist Interviews CTRL+Space Showing Us Love

Earworm Artist Interviews CTRL+Space, in association with Moosic Records, has shown Earworm a lot of love on their website lately. They interviewed every Earworm Artist Collective member! CTRL+Space showcases indie and DYI artists that the mainstream have failed to discover. […]

Kraeyzie PayN Earworm Interviews

Kraeyzie PayN Finally, the two Demented personalities of Kraeyzie K and PayN have joined into one entity. Together they wreak havoc all around the Northeast unlike any have before. They seek to inflict MASS amounts of KRAEYZIE PAYN to SHITTY […]