Immaculate Cacophony

Immaculate Cacophony Grim and DMK

Immaculate Cacophony Dropping on August 13th, 2020 is "Immaculate Cacophony". Produced by Grim Singmuf, this is a collaborative effort with DMK of NFG. It is a 9 track album they created in a spur of the moment type situation. Not to say that it was rushed, however, it was discussed and then manifested. In the DIY spirit of EWE, we are offering the sound kit that made this album. So ...
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Sinister Intent Pre-Order Now Available

Sinister Intent Pre-Order Now Available Don't Miss Out on this Deal!

Sinister Intent Pre-Order Now Available Canna CDK Before there was Earth, before there were man. There was the creation of Niflheim. From which came the one who would be our creation and our demise. Before there was sand before there was seas and waves the first being and giants walked the plains. A battle with the Gods it was creator against creation. When the battle had ended the blood ...
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EARWORM SUMMER 2020 LIVESTREAM Earworm Entertainment & 3rd Eye Rize Productions Presents Featuring performances by Canna CDK, Jay Prophet, NFG, Maniak Max, Mr NoBoDy, Diseased Mentality, and more! Including behind the scenes footage with Earworm Entertainment. HOSTED BY Grim Singmuf of the Earworm Entertainment Artist Collective TUNE IN AND WATCH BELOW! The Official Sites You Can Trust 100% (Official Earworm Entertainment Website) (Earworm & Majik Ninja Radio) KEEP ...
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Earworm Radio Changes

Earworm Radio Changes New Changes

Earworm Radio Changes Big things are happening with Earworm Radio over the new few months. We have modified stream playlists to improve song rotation. That is just the beginning! New music, scheduled playlists, themed playlists, submissions, and promos are coming too. If you know a music artist in or around New England and think we should play their music you can recommend them with the form below. Listen to Earworm ...
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Coming At You With Sinister Intent

Coming At You With Sinister Intent New Album from Canna CDK

Coming At You With Sinister Intent      Canna CDK is coming at you with Sinister Intent in the form of his new album, cleverly titled Sinister Intent! This album represents seven (7) years of creativity and discovery. As well as Canna CDK's own personal journey of heritage and humanity. This project is much more than music, and much more than an album. With this beast of a release comes some ...
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Upcoming Maniak Max EWEAC Future Releases

Upcoming Maniak Max EWEAC artist and one-third of NFG, Maniak Max has two upcoming releases. The first one we will discuss is his project "Klepto". This free EP has the feel and vibe of a 90's mixtape. One you would find from a bootlegger on Broad Street in Providence RI, back in the day. Dope throw back beats from the golden era of hip hop to the early 2000s. Maniak ...
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DIY Keychains

New DIY Merch! True creators live here!

New DIY Merch! A whole new array of DIY merch created in house is about to hit the EWE website! During this global pandemic, Canna CDK is the only person handling the merchandise. He has remained at EWE HQ on a mountain in Vermont. The safest place for merchandise to come from right now there. All physical merchandise is being handled very carefully and sanitized before shipping. Your safety is ...
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