Sinister Intent

A new album is in the works due to release in 2020 that explores the life, mind and ancestry of Earworm Entertainment’s godfather Canna CDK! Though mainly a solo project there are a couple features some from EWEAC and others from artist’s you may know! We know alot of our die hard fans have been waiting for new music from Canna CDK, the hardest working dude in the underground game. This album, Sinister Intent, delves into realms both personal and mythological.

Raised in the melting pot that is Brockton, a city in Plymouth County, Massachusetts, Canna grew up not really knowing where He came from or what his Heritage was. This is a true story for many in America. Described as a “mutt” by family members, this was the only answer used to self identify with until receiving a family DNA test as a gift. This opened up a whole new Journey for Him with discovering his ancestors and his families history.

The man, the myth


Canna soon learned that the majority of his ancestors come from Norway, a country rich in history and mythology. Some of these histories and mythologies collide and combine in the realm of fact. They have now become sugarcoated and washed down versions. Fairy tales and children’s stories, that were once legends of actual events forged by the Norwegian people. Canna is telling the story the way that the story should have been told in the first place.

A multitude of efforts from this multi-faceted artist went into the creation of this masterpiece. This is a must listen for anyone interested in a retelling of Norse stories in a brand new format. Nothing has ever been done like this before!

The beginning of the end

Before there was Earth, before there were man. There was the creation of Niflheim. From which came the one who would be our creation and our demise. Before there was sand before there was seas and waves the first being and giants walked the plains.

A battle with the Gods it was creator against creation. When the battle had ended the blood of the giant consumed all that surrounds him. From this death came the birth of a planet born of blood and body parts created the human race. Biding time deep within, while lying in wait for the last of the Gods to fall. For his time to rise again to take back what they had once stole. As the world they created begins tearing itself apart broken souls nourished him. Time draws closer for him to rise from the ashes for his soul to claim a new vessel and rule once again. The second coming of YMIR is upon us, this is the beginning of the end!”

Canna CDK “SINISTER INTENT” Album Release Early 2020




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Canna CDK
6 months ago

Looking forward to releasing this upon the world!