Schezworm Recipes Recipes Using Schezworm Sauce

Schezworm Recipes

We are happy to share with you some delicious Schezworm recipes. Although our Schezworm Sauce was made as a dipping sauce, we have discovered it can be used for much more. Beyond dipping, Schezworm Sauce has been used as a marinade, snack topping, and even as a drink! (Although we do not recommend drinking it unless you have a strong stomach and don’t care for your taste buds). So give some of our recipes a try and judge for yourself and if you discover something new we would love to hear from you!



Duck Salad


Schezworm Duck Salad



Chicken Dinner


Schezworm Chicken Dinner





**Coming Soon



**Coming Soon


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Schezworm Sauce



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