Coming At You With Sinister Intent

Coming At You With Sinister Intent

     Canna CDK is coming at you with Sinister Intent in the form of his new album, cleverly titled Sinister Intent! This album represents seven (7) years of creativity and discovery. As well as Canna CDK‘s own personal journey of heritage and humanity. This project is much more than music, and much more than an album. With this beast of a release comes some crazy extras and pre-order exclusives!

Coming At You With Sinister Intent

Here is an excerpt from Canna CDK’s book “The Second Coming of Ymir”:

      “I went most of my life not knowing who I was, where my people came from, or who my people even were. After discovering my mind-blowing heritage traced back to the “Isle of Man” and the “Son of Hans” I wanted to learn as much as possible about the various countries and continents my ancestors traveled. As I started researching and learning everything from stories told to children to world war events and beyond I quickly noticed a pattern of careful wording. This is what inspired me to write this book.

Coming At You With Sinister Intent

Album Information

  • Digital & Physical Release
  • Pre-Order Available August 1st
  • Album Official Release September 22nd
  • All pre-orders include exclusive merchandise
  • Hardcover “The Second Coming of Ymir” Book will be
    available from the Earworm Shop after release.



Coming At You With Sinister Intent



“Before there was Earth, before there were man.
There was the creation of Niflheim.

From which came the one who would be our creation and our demise.
Before there was sand before there was seas and waves
the first being and giants walked the plains.”



Canna CDK “SINISTER INTENT” Album Drops September 22nd 2020

     “A battle with the Gods it was creator against creation. When the battle had ended the blood of the giant consumed all that surrounds him. From this death came the birth of a planet born of blood and body parts created the human race. Biding time deep within, while lying in wait for the last of the Gods to fall. For his time to rise again to take back what they had once stole. As the world they created begins tearing itself apart broken souls nourished him. Time draws closer for him to rise from the ashes for his soul to claim a new vessel and rule once again. The second coming of YMIR is upon us, this is the beginning of the end!”

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Grim Singmuf
9 days ago

Cannot tell you how much I’m excited for this gem to drop!

Canna CDK
8 days ago
Reply to  Grim Singmuf

you and me both brother!