Upcoming Maniak Max

EWEAC artist and one-third of NFG, Maniak Max has two upcoming releases. The first one we will discuss is his project “Klepto”. This free EP has the feel and vibe of a 90’s mixtape. One you would find from a bootlegger on Broad Street in Providence RI, back in the day. Dope throw back beats from the golden era of hip hop to the early 2000s. Maniak Max and some select featured Emcee’s throw down to some of Max’s favorite sounds. The idea is to create something new but nostalgic. A must-have, no cost to you, EP to vibe with. The expected drop date is sometime in the fall. Stay tuned.

The next project Max has in the works is “Welcome to the Neighborhood”. A 7 track album produced by Grim Singmuf, mixed and mastered by Canna CDK. This album encompasses a psychedelic suburban gangster vibe. Laid back, but will peel your cap, while eating tabs type vibe. An all original soundscape sets the platform for Max’s grimy lyrics and versatile delivery. A unique and raw album that’s guaranteed to cause frisson. An instant classic, raw rap over trippy instrumentals. Also due to drop this fall. 

Want more Max?

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/maniakmax/



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Grim Singmuf
11 months ago

Both projects are going to be instant classics.

Canna CDK
11 months ago

Looking forward to this release.