Happy Holiday

Our gift to you this holiday is a free song. Download Earworm Holiday 2019 here. Happy holiday from everyone at Earworm Entertainment. Artists in order of Performance: Maniak Max, Canna CDK, Grim Singmuf, & Jay Prophet. With a special thanks to Moon for the intro & outro. Spreading the gift of new music is what we are all about! We hope you enjoy this new one. We worked hard to get it to you on time!

Sip that nog, relax and help us spread the joy! Happy Holidays from everyone at Earworm Entertainment! 2020 is right around the corner! Look out for a lot of new music. As well as more content right here on the Earworm website! A new album is in the works due to release in 2020 that explores the life, mind, and ancestry of Earworm Entertainment’s godfather Canna CDK! All the artists from EWEAC and others from around the globe (or floating space turtle, no discriminating) are putting together a little cypher mixtape. Keep your eyes on this website for more info on what else is happening here at EWE.

Maniak Max, Canna CDK, Grim Singmuf, & Jay Prophet

We would love to hear from you!

Let us know what kind of content you would like to see us provide in the comment section below. Your input is valuable. At Earworm Entertainment we pride ourselves on providing an authentic experience for those that follow our movement. From our music to our gear, we seek to have full control over the creation of the goods and services we provide. Though select items are still outsourced via third party, the vast majority of our merchandise is hand created in house!

DIY merch we create in house:




Hat pins

Key chains


Sound Packs

And more!

This list is ever-growing as we advance and invest as a team of creatives who seek to always improve the integrity of our brand!

Head over to our shop and take a glance at our DIY merch and other current items. Then stop back by in the future to witness our ongoing growth! You will not only see the items mentioned but also take a look at the music we support from affiliated artists. From New England to World Wide we wish to provide high-quality products to those who follow our movement, in addition to helping others create items and awareness for their particular brand. Whether you’re seeking graphic design, an original instrumental, or brand identity altogether, look no further than Earworm Entertainment! Happy holiday, see you in 2020!






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Canna CDK
5 months ago