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CTRL+Space, in association with Moosic Records, has shown Earworm a lot of love on their website lately. They interviewed every Earworm Artist Collective member! CTRL+Space showcases indie and DYI artists that the mainstream have failed to discover. Visit them if you want to hear something new from a unique artist. Contact them here if you are an artist that needs a good promo.  So whether you are a creator, or into music, books, art, they got that and more. They are always on the lookout for new talent to showcase. Check out the interviews they did with our artists:

NFG – Interview

No Fucks Given EPK

Tell us about your musical past, would you tell us about your early years?

(DMK) Each one of us has been in punk and hardcore bands in the past. I play drums and sing, T-Stone plays guitar and sings, and Maniak Max plays bass and sings. Each of us grew up loving music.

(Maniak Max) He’s right. I was in a punk band in the past, WITH HIM! Back in ‘09 with our boy McMuffin, called ourselves Detour 45. Miss those days, man.

(T-Stone) I started out as a guitarist in a metal/hard rock band called Insight that DMK and I founded in early high school. After that, I always jammed and tried a few hardcore bands, but nothing clicked until I met back up with DMK and Max, who has always been like a little brother to me.

What led you to music, and what motivates you to keep making it?

(DMK) I’ve loved music my whole life. Since I was a kid, I never even imagined that there could be any other path for me to take. It’s been my passion and it’s been the plan for me since I could remember. I keep making music, and I will until I die because that’s just who I am. I don’t know any other way.

(Maniak Max) I loved music as long as I can remember. Everything about it. Ever since I learned how to play bass at 14-15 yrs old, music just became more passionate to me. I think my love for music alone is my motivation. Every time I play bass or rap, as good as it may sound, I always wanna do better. It’s what I love to do.

(T Stone) I’ve always been a nut for music and used to even use a tape recorder as a kid with a cap gun to try and make rap music to everybody’s laugh. When I finally got a guitar at ten, my life changed an after Jammin and playing with bands then finding a true live wire no-fucks given crew and family its something that hooks you.

Full NFG Interview

Mr. NoBoDy – Interview

You were on the Wormed Out Tour. How did that go? Do you have any memorable moments you want to share? How many cities did you get to perform at?

It went very well. I have a lot of good memories. I got to tour Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, & Vermont with some of the best people in the industry right now in the areas we are all from.

You’re giving away a free album on the Earworm Entertainment website. What makes you do that? Has it given you more attention?

I love making music and it was a cover album. I had fun making it. As for giving me more attention, I’m not sure.

Download his cover album, Random Racket free here.

We hear Earworm Entertainment has an annual campout. Is it open to the public or just Earworm artists? Would you tell us what a person attending could expect?

I believe that it is open to the public. You just have to be invited to it. I’m pretty positive, but that’s not that hard as for somebody if it’s their first time coming. Expect to have a great fucking time. There are performances, video game tournaments, movies at night time, and just straight-up having a good time with the Earworm Family.

Full Mr. NoBoDy Interview

Jay Prophet – Interview

JayProphet EPK

What led you to music, and what motivates you to keep making it?

Family-based led me to music. I study so many instruments and done vocal lessons in my life; it hurts lol. The drive is the story that never ends. I love to do it. It’s my passion. I have people’s ears to please, and they need to hear my music. Some people have so much faith in what I do and believe in me and I’ve had countless strangers who have been at my shows that say they love it and never stop. I don’t plan on it.

Your song “Elegant Nightmare” is your most popular track. Tell us a bit about what the song means. What is your favorite line from the song? What does it mean?

That song is about Sleep paralysis. Also, about nightmares repeating to wake up realized you’re still trapped inside the nightmare. The whole song is my favorite. I don’t favor anyone on Earworm’s lyrics. I feel they did their best and put their all into it.

Which artists have the biggest influence on your sound?

I would say it’s such a mix between something like Twiztid meets Linkin Park and Slipknot put together. With my music, there’s so much to think and relate to. My music is diverse. Often dark and melodic.

Full Jay Prophet Interview

Canna CDK – Interview

Canna CDK

How would you describe your sound?

The best way to describe my music would be fluid. I enjoy many different genres of music and I try to apply that to my own music as well. Many artists want to stick to one style and genre. I have never liked that personally. In my opinion, artists should reach out of their comfort zone more and more with each project so that they can grow.

What led you to music, and what motivates you to keep making it?

Music for me started out as a method of therapy. When I started, I honestly made music just for myself. I never expected that it would become what it has or that so many people would enjoy and feel the music that I put out. And ever since the first time a fan came up to me at a show telling me how a specific song (or songs) has helped them get through their own hardship and struggles. That is what keeps me going.

You have a new album coming out in 2020, called Sinister Intent. Do you want to tell us what it’ll be about? What subject matter could your fans expect to hear?

Sinister Intent is a project I have been planning since back in 2013. I knew then I didn’t have the knowledge or have enough experience to do it properly, so it went on the “back burner” until the end of 2018, at which point I started working on it more and more. This project is the largest I have done since starting music both lyrically and volume of content. Fans can expect to hear some of the darkest and personal material I have released.

Full Canna CDK Interview

Grim Singmuf – Interview

GrimSingmuf EPK

How would you describe your sound?

Abstract, expressive, my soul immortalized. This is a hard one for me. I do a few different things, like mixing analog instruments with digital sound. Some tracks are made completely with digital and synthesized instrumentation. I’d say its unique to me. Most of my lyrics stem from life experience.

Where do you find potential sources for your sounds?

When it comes to sampling, it could be a song stuck in my head. Or a song I hear some sound in I’d like to isolate. The influences have come from my childhood and keep growing. I get inspired by a lot of different tunes. Like hearing the boom-bap drums in “When the Levee Breaks” by Led Zepplin, I’m like “damn I need those drums!” so I’ll make a loop from that track, then chop it up, isolating each hit, then play them how I want on my Maschine MK3. I find the sounds by listening for them.

What’s next for you?

In the works is a collaborative E.P. with Canna CDK. That’s in the writing and recording stage. I also got this “Earworm Cypher” mixtape in the works, looking forward to getting a lot of collaborations from lyricists all over the globe on that one. My third musical focus is a solo album “Deviant Dialect.” Though one track is complete for that project, it is still in a brainstorming process. On the back burner is “Dusty Bumps,” which will be sort of LoFi/Plunderphonic style. Aside from that, there is a project called “The Doctrine of the Worm” that’s going to include other EWE artists, as well as singles from collabs and instrumentals I’ll be releasing.

Full Grim Singmuf Interview


These guys created 2 Spotify playlist to showcase the artists they promote! Earworm artists are so diverse we made it on both!


Shout out to CTRL+Space for showing us love! As well as helping amazing artists get discovered! You guys are holding down for Indie and DIY artists.

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