Kraeyzie PayN

Finally, the two Demented personalities of Kraeyzie K and PayN have joined into one entity. Together they wreak havoc all around the Northeast unlike any have before. They seek to inflict MASS amounts of KRAEYZIE PAYN to SHITTY MCs in a way that can only be described as WIKID WEIRD! We had a chance to interview the duo. Check it out!

Kraeyzie Payn Interview

When did you start making music?

(K) Sometime around 05-06, I believe. Well, actually taking it somewhat serious at least…

(P) I started making music, early 2000 even before then but in the year 2000 is really when it took hold for me.

What inspires you to write?

(K) Life. The ups, the downs, the good and bad and everything in between

(P) Everything really Life experiences, past and present even emotions can create its own proverbial semblance of inspiration.

When did you both decide to join forces?

(K) Think it was like 2013. Before that, we would do a lot of shows together, Krayzee Killaz (my original group) and PayN. Shit fell through with the Killaz. I started working more with PayN because I had show bookings out the ass but not enough material. We did a track together which just snowballed into what we got today.

(P) I’m pretty sure it was 2013 when we ended up just saying fukk it! We did a lot of shows together as it were, we worked so well off of one another we couldn’t, not do it, and it just so happened that when we did things together the crowd response was enormous.

Can you break down your creative process?

(K) That’s kind of a hard one. The creative process changes quite often. Sometimes a spark will be made from a beat or concept, hell even a word.

(P) That’s a difficult one to do if I’m being honest,my creative process changes with each song, but for the most part, I conceptualize a song idea with Kraeyzie I usually like to make a hook first to kind of give us the platform to build on and we usually move forward from there bouncing off one another.

How has your music evolved since you first began?

(K) Check it out and see for yourself. Sure KRayzee Killaz tracks are on Reverb?

(P) My music has evolved enormously, I’m a big fan of wordplay, as well as harmonics, I like to incorporate both frequently. All I know is, is that my music continues to evolve as we progress as a group. In the beginning, it was very dismal, dark and depressing, whereas now I’m more dancing along the line of anger and foolishness while remaining on the darker spectrum of music.

Which do you prefer more, Creating or Performing, and Why?

(K) Depends. I go through times where I love performing and that’s all I want to do than other times where I just don’t want to leave the booth. Really depends how inspired I am or how ready to party I am lol

(P) I love them both for their own reasons, to be honest. Love creating music because there’s no limit when creating a new song that is a whole smorgasbord of feelings and ideas that fly around. Love performing, just as much because it allows me to just belt out, let loose and visually Express how the song plays out.

Favorite place you’ve performed?

(K) That constantly changes for me. I have a real serious love/hate relationship with the Fete Music Hall in Providence. Always enjoy doing Cloud 9 in Hampton Beach NH and The Diesel in Detroit, MI.

(P) In all honesty, it’s a toss-up between the fete music Hall in Providence Rhode Island, and cloud 9 bar and grill in Hampton Beach New Hampshire. Both of these venues are amazing places to perform, and the people there are just phenomenal.

Kraeyzie Payn at Jay Prophets Hip Hop Garage Party 2019

Who produces Kraeyzie Payn beats?

(K) Everything up until current is either or from Anno Domini Beats. Always looking for someone to work directly with us… be dope to get our own producer/DJ both in the studio and on the stage.

(P) Anno Domini produces our beats before then we would go to and download beats, primarily from 2Deep, Beat geekz, and a few others.

What was your craziest life experience?

(K) Constantly going through crazier and crazier experiences. That all depends on how Crazy you’re talking? Stealing an ounce of weed out of a cop car crazy? Doing an insane amount of inebriates and jumping out a 4th story hotel window into the pool? Maybe smoking a blunt in a bank with a hobo in NYC? Or getting arrested 3 separate times for the same thing in one night?

(P) There are way too many to just spearhead one and we’re making more as we go along it ranges from getting pulled over four times in one day in New York for going 90 on the 90 and trying to give the officer our album all the way to taking copious amounts of acid in the woods are just being weird with our fans

Musically, what are you working on right now?

(K) We have several projects in the works right now. ‘Satanic Saints’ is our next project to be released. That’s a follow up to our SiKK FuKKz release back in 2016. Then there is a concept story EP we’re also working on, “Jerkz”. Which is us presented in a J & Silent Bob shit. Then finally is LSDMTHC… going to be very very different than anything we’ve already put out and will put out. It’s what I like to say is the soundtrack to drugs.

(P) We have a few projects in the mix as it stands, at the front of the line I believe is “Satanic Saints” this will be the album that follows the “Sikk Fukkz Sikktape” and then I believe “Jerkz” because we are essentially the Jay and Silent Bob of Sikk-Hop! But keep your eyes and ears peeled!

Is your group a primary focus, or are either of you doing any solo projects?

(K) The group is the primary focus. We do have a few solo projects in the works but I wouldn’t expect to see them anytime soon. I personally have 2 solo concepts but they aren’t anything more than concepts at this point.

(P) I mean granted we both have our own solo projects in the works but as it stands Kraeyzie and I like to focus more on the group because there’s nobody else out there like us.

Tell us about your fan base, who shows up to shows?

(K) We have such a wide range of fans. Tend to get tons of love everywhere we go. We have a lot of fans that show up literally just for us and nothing else which in my mind is huge. We have fans that follow us all around the country and fans we only see in certain areas. The amount of love we get to me is crazy.

(P) it’s actually really difficult to account for our fan base because we see numerous amounts of people at numerous shows, but I can say our fanbase specifically which we coined as “Sikk Fukkz” are simply the Best! Ignorant as we are but as respectful as you can imagine. I love every single one of my fans and I appreciate them dearly. not to mention we have an eclectic collection of people who come out to see us ranging from metalheads to Juggalos all the way down the line to hip-hoppers.

You guys have opened up for a lot of artists, which of these were most memorable, and why?

(K) Shit dude… I don’t even know where to begin. Some of the most memorable shows are for different reasons. Some are memorable for huge crowds and crazy energy. Others it’s not even about the performances at all, be hardly a crowd and performing almost seems pointless but we have a blast hanging out and just mingling with who’s there… anyone who knows me knows I’m steadily wrecked nearly every show so the vast majority of them just blur together.

(P) I’m going to have to go ahead and save the most memorable person I opened up for was for tech nine at the Amber room for his all sixes and sevens tour, Cutt Calhoun and I ended up taking a pizza that somebody paid for in just eating it outside lol I got to connect with a lot of the strange music cats on a personal level and it was humbling and enlightening.

If you could collaborate with any living artist, known or unknown, who would it be, and why?

(K) That’s a huge ass list to be quite honest. But my #1 since before I even started making music is none other than Q Strange. Always been a huge inspiration and we both from RI ripping up a lot of the same stages and crowds so it only makes sense, right?

(P) I would have to go ahead and say I would love to do a collaboration with Vinnie Paz, Celph titled, Ill Bill, or Ozzy Osbourne! I love all of them dearly and appreciate their music and would very much like to have that under my belt.

What are your non-musical goals?

(K) To hold the world record for the most hits of acid ever consumed in one setting… I have no idea what the record currently is… but I know I got a long way to go… 147 ain’t a bad personal record though…

(P) I would say one of my non-musicals would be, too be complacent within myself.

Thank you both for giving the world more insight into the “Sikk Fukkz” known as Kraeyzie Payn!

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Canna CDK
1 year ago

Awesome interview and a great read. Learned some new things about those known as Kraeyzie PayN!

1 year ago

Hell to the yeah! I remember on the Path of Destruction tour, the crowd wanted an encore of KP haha good to see my homies, aka the Jay and silent Bob of sikk-hop!