Illegal Plants War on plants?

Illegal Plants Some people speculate that these plants and fungus are illegal due to xenophobia against minorities, refugees, and Muslims. I’m not writing this to lay claim to any speculation. Let’s just take a look at each one of these […]

Cannabis Bliss Tea Dank Drink Recipe

Canna-Bliss Willy here! I’ve got some great beverage recipes I’d love to share! Yes, they are cannabis recipes. In fact, they are very healthy and stony at the same time. Cannabis has many health benefits but is healthiest when eaten. […]

Cannabis and Creativity Brain or the strain?

Cannabis and Creativity To many humans, the consumption of cannabis inspires creativity. To some, it inspires relaxation. Is it the brain or the strain? I’d say either or both. In my opinion, it begins with feeling and intention. If you […]