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Canna CDK
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Artist | Audio Engineer | Director Founder and owner of Earworm Entertainment. As for the rest, I try to let my music speak for itself.
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Earworm Mixtape Volume 7
1 day ago no Comment

Earworm Mixtape Volume 7 It’s that time of year again and the Earworm Mixtape Volume 7 is coming

7 months ago no Comment

BRUTALITY AT IT’S FINEST 3 EPOCHSIS and EWEAC!!!! Rivet Productions & Earworm Entertainment   EPOCHSIS and EWEAC!!!! Rivet

[Charity Song] SURVIVOR
10 months ago no Comment

[Charity Song] SURVIVOR Buy Song The Speedrunning Soldier DJ Phatzo The Norwegian Heathen Canna CDK The Gorefather

Aftermath of The Real Underground 3
10 months ago no Comment

Aftermath of The Real Underground 3 Thank you to everyone who came out to show support for The

11 months ago no Comment

[Event] THE REAL UNDERGROUND 3 DJ VENOM and EWEAC!!!! Rivet Productions and Earworm Entertainment bring to you THE

Holiday Savings
1 year ago no Comment

Holiday Savings Starting on November 24th at midnight the Earworm Shop will have rotating holiday savings starting with

Behind the Scene Grind
1 year ago 1 Comment

Behind the Scene Grind As the end of 2022 approaches everyone at Earworm Entertainment is hard on their

2022 Campout
1 year ago 1 Comment

2022 Campout 11th Annual Canna & Kricket’s Campout Another year and another campout in the books. Our 11th

A Tribute to Maniak Max
2 years ago 9 Comments

A Tribute to Maniak Max It is with a heavy heart and deep sadness we say goodbye to

New Affiliate Releases
2 years ago 1 Comment

New Affiliate Releases The grind doesn’t stop with the Earworm crew and it’s affiliates & these two new

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Music Production [Single Song] $37.50 “Thank you very much!”