Premium Membership

Premium Membership

Premium Membership for Premium People

Earworm Entertainment is a broad beast of multimedia and entertainment from audio to video and everything in between. From the organization and execution of live events across New England. Filming and producing our own music videos. To composing, recording, engineering, and releasing our own music. It is a never-ending stream of hard work, passion, and a power collective drive. From the outside perspective only so much of this can be seen for one reason or another, but we aim to change that by introducing Premium Membership. We want to shine a light on what happens before and beyond the time of release. Premium Members also will have the chance to voice their opinions and suggestions by filling out surveys.


Premium MembershipWhat do you get?

The purpose of our Premium Membership is to give those
who are interested in an inside look at what happens behind
the scenes and provide early access to:

  • Music
  • Premium Products
  • Music Videos
  • Contests
  • Events


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