Beach Slot Mixtape Volume 2 Review

Beach Slot Mixtape Volume 2 Review

Beach Slot ReviewAfter the short “Intro [EARWORM]” things begin in earnest with EwEaC’s “Elegant Nightmare”. Truly brutal, the tension and paranoia of “Elegant Nightmare” sprawls off into the infinite. The arrangement keeps things to the absolute essentials with only the harsh hit of the snare alongside the intense lyricism.

High energy comes into the fray on Canna CDK’s “Smoke Trails (ft. King Kudda)”. Ornate arrangements add to the kaleidoscopic feeling of the track. Melodies and grooves are stretched to their breaking point.

DMK offers great hope on the optimism of “Ready To Soar (ft. Shelby McCready and Jason Freitas)”. Rather lush the whole of the piece simply stuns. Effortlessly blending in hip-hop, pop, and rock into a coherent whole the piece is completely immersive.

Giddy to its very core Jonny Gravez taps into a party atmosphere with “GET IT POPPIN”. Hyperkinetic the grooves rush by in a brilliant blur. Everything about it has a great intensity to it, of looking forward.

The darkness of Jay Prophet’s “Truth Evil” has an eerie, creepy quality to it. Vocals have a commanding harshness to it. Nimble percussion skitters above the rest of the arrangement in the most perfect way possible.

Rather beautiful, Phatzo’s “Seven Year Story (ft. Canna CDK)” opts for a true sense of loveliness. Flows have a great power to them with lyricism exploring harsh destructive impulses. Arrangements swirl about in a great fervor.

Great power radiates from Maniak Max “Death 2 The Hataz”. Defiance reigns supreme as the lyrics focus on rising above the rest to one’s rightful place. Piano works wonders in further emphasizing the great power from the piece.

Such vivid detail defines the whole of Mystah Spaulding’s “Leatherface”. Layer upon layer of sound is applied with painterly precision. By letting the narrative unfold the piece becomes something truly palpable.

A playfulness comes into the fray on Canna CDK’s “StarWars MashUp”. Everything about the piece works from the giddy melody to the great usage of references that abound. It all simply feels so endearing.

Lo-fi aesthetics serve an important purpose on the Losers Club “B.T.OB.T.S”. Usage of echo becomes extremely important while it all has such a vivid quality it to. The lyricism even waxes a bit poetic as it feels lost in a great haze.

Going for a futuristic take is Mr NoBoDy’s “Yes Im Evil”. Completely honest the honestly is at the very heart of the track. Rhythms have a sedated, mournful quality.

Electro informs the whole of Grim Singmuf’s “NOT LIKE YOU (ft. Canna CDK & Mystah Spaulding) [Worm-pool Mix]”. Creepy effects add to the overall personality of the piece, giving it a funhouse of mirrors vibe. The whole of the track has a distinctive, slinky groove to it almost right at the very periphery of the sound.

AsYLum goes for a creepy, hard-hitting take with “N.F.I. (ft. Canna CDK)”. Exploring a raw gritty atmosphere, the track’s arrangement perfectly matches the bleak lyricism. All of it has a grey-skied demeanor as it moves by at a languid pace.

Resonant piano opens Big Celtic’s “Need Help”. Done with the greatest amount of grace the track comes straight from the heart. By keeping things to the essentials, the piece has an earnestness to it.

Grim Singmuf goes for a dreamy take on electronica with “Psychedelic New England Bastards (ft. Canna CDK & Mystah Spaulding) [Chud Mix]”. Highly potent the piece sprawls out into the infinite. Rather curious in terms of its mysticism the whole of the piece churns about in a dazed haze.

Neatly bringing the collection to the close (at least before the official Outro) is Canna CDK’s “FACT”. With a bit of love and compassion for friends, the track gets to the very heart of creativity. Everything spins around growing ever faster and more celebratory.


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