Mr NoBoDy

Beautiful Music 2 Decompose 2

Mr. Nobody

Dropping tomorrow is Mr. NoBoDy’s “Beautiful Music 2 Decompose 2”. Long awaited and highly anticipated, this is surely a breath of fresh air for horrorcore hip hop. You know, that fresh cold 3am in an ancient New England cemetery air you breathe in deeply when digging up graves in the fall?

Get prepared with this free “Random Racket“. Get to know my brother Mr. NoBoDy, take a musical journey into the chaos that resides deep within the mind of a deadman walking.  Shot and killed in his sleep do you believe in reincarnation? With more questions than answers who is nobody, nobody knows; and nobody cares. From the deepest pits and the darkest shadows of the abyss of nothingness. Raised in parts unknown throughout New England comes Mr. NoBoDy with more tunes for the undead.

Be sure to come back tomorrow for your copy! Look for Mr. NoBoDy at a cemetery or crematory near you! Where the stench of death and cannabis abound, look through the fog and Mr. NoBoDy is found. October 31st the day the ghouls and goblins Run the World if you don’t plan on picking this up a bunch of little monsters are going to torture the Shit out of you so if you have the time please pick up a copy of beautiful music 2 decompose 2
So little tiny Devil’s don’t come and pitchfork your eye holes!

Get a sneak peak over on youtube!

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