Jay Prophet - Self Titled Album

Jay Prophet – Self Titled Album Has Arrived!

The Prophet speaks and brings his message with a double-slap to the face! This self-titled album is Jay Prophet’s first release on Earworm Entertainment and he made it clear he put his all into this album. Including fifteen (15) songs packed with eye opening messages.

WARNING: If you’re a close-minded sheep or get offended easily then this album is not for you!

Jay Prophet - Self Titled Album Jay Prophet - Self Titled Album

1.)  Intro
2.)  Who Is I
3.)  Free Is Not Free
4.)  Release Yourself
5.)  Naïve Sheep
6.)  Take These Bullets featuring The Chosen One
7.)  Tisk-Tisk
8.)  Bag of Shrooms
9.)  For the Dead
10.)  The Hated One
11.)  Truth Evil
12.)  Cannibals Kitchen
13.)  Elegant Nightmare
14.)  Manikin Man
15.)  Messages

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Album Details:
Produced By:
Canna CDK
Earworm Entertainment
Jay Prophet
Composed By:
Jay Prophet
Encoded By:
Canna CDK

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