Earworm Loop Pack Bundle Volume 1

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Earworm Loop Pack Bundle Volume 1


Arctic Anthem Loop Pack (90bpm)

  • Artic Anthem Loops_space flute
  • Artic Anthem Loops_snare
  • Artic Anthem Loops_sanre roll
  • Artic Anthem Loops_opphh
  • Artic Anthem Loops_lead
  • Artic Anthem Loops_kick
  • Artic Anthem Loops_Elec Piano
  • Artic Anthem Loops_chh
  • Artic Anthem Loops_bells
  • Artic Anthem Loops_bell drum
  • Artic Anthem Loops_bass

At Night Loop Pack (96bpm)

  • At Night loops 96 bpm_Sub
  • At Night loops 96 bpm_Perc
  • At Night loops 96 bpm_Long Whistle
  • At Night loops 96 bpm_kirbs is here synth
  • At Night loops 96 bpm_Kick
  • At Night loops 96 bpm_Elec Piano
  • At Night loops 96 bpm_Delay Pluck
  • At Night loops 96 bpm_Closed Hat
  • At Night loops 96 bpm_Clap Snare
  • At Night loops 96 bpm_choir

EwE Loop Pack (85bpm)

  • EWE loops 85bpm_Square bass
  • EWE loops 85bpm_snare
  • EWE loops 85bpm_snap
  • EWE loops 85bpm_revhat
  • EWE loops 85bpm_kick
  • EWE loops 85bpm_hh
  • EWE loops 85bpm_EWE
  • EWE loops 85bpm_elec piano
  • EWE loops 85bpm_brass
  • EWE loops 85bpm_bells

Pagan Knight Loop Pack (147bpm)

  • Pagan Knight loops 147bpm_Sub
  • Pagan Knight loops 147bpm_snareclap
  • Pagan Knight loops 147bpm_Snap
  • Pagan Knight loops 147bpm_shkr
  • Pagan Knight loops 147bpm_rev cym
  • Pagan Knight loops 147bpm_pad
  • Pagan Knight loops 147bpm_orchestra
  • Pagan Knight loops 147bpm_lead
  • Pagan Knight loops 147bpm_Kick
  • Pagan Knight loops 147bpm_keys
  • Pagan Knight loops 147bpm_hh
  • Pagan Knight loops 147bpm_808C

808s Plus Loop Pack (95bpm)

  • plus kit sampler_Sub
  • plus kit sampler_string
  • plus kit sampler_samp
  • plus kit sampler_Kick
  • plus kit sampler_Elec Piano
  • plus kit sampler_Cymbol
  • plus kit sampler_Closed Hat
  • plus kit sampler_Clap Snare
  • plus kit sampler_cataclysmic HIGH hat
  • plus kit sampler_8o8_s

Quest of the Worm Loop Pack (135bpm)

  • Quest of the Worm 135bpm_Turkish oud
  • Quest of the Worm 135bpm_snare
  • Quest of the Worm 135bpm_piano
  • Quest of the Worm 135bpm_kick
  • Quest of the Worm 135bpm_hihat
  • Quest of the Worm 135bpm_choir
  • Quest of the Worm 135bpm_bell drum
  • Quest of the Worm 135bpm_bass
  • Quest of the Worm 135bpm_432hz


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