Full Album Music Production

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Our full album music production services ranged pricing you can rest assured you are getting the most bang for your buck. From 1 to 3 song EP to 9+ song full length albums. Earworm Entertainment has you covered from recording to release! And, if you have one or two songs we also offer single song production service found here.


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Full Album Music Production

When it comes to post production mixing and mastering, it is essential to utilize audio engineers that will make your audio translate and adhere to the required industry specs. Earworm Entertainment’s full album music production service it’s guaranteed to scale and accommodate all production milestones giving a unique signature sound to your project.

Other Options:

For those with just one or two songs we offer single song production services found here.

Album Guide:

  1. EP (1-3 Songs)
  2. LP (4-9 Songs)
  3. Full Length Album (9+ Songs)

Note: Full Length Album price caps at thirteen (18) songs. Albums containing more than thirteen songs include additional charges


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