Canna and Crickets 7th Annual Campout Breakdown

Canna and Crickets 7th Annual Campout Breakdown

What’s up family?! This year we did things a little differently than past years because we wanted to really capture as much of the Campout as possible and what it is really about. This annual event that Canna & Cricket host is not and never will be about having as many people as we can fit come pitch a tent and go crazy. This annual event is about everyone enjoying themselves for 4 days a year without the worry of drama, violence, ignorance, hateful people, and all other negativity. And, what all of us at Earworm Entertainment & really the entire Earworm Family wants to do is share this amazing event to show there really are still some genuinely good, trustworthy, and loyal people and we all would love to meet you! And if you are one of those people then this here is for YOU! Even though this is a private event that is very much “by invite only” we actually have a large number of new faces come every year.

So, How Does It Work?

How it works for those who are interested in attending the Canna & Cricket’s Annual Campout is you must have someone “vouch” for you that is already on the guest list. BUT, in the case a new comer causes issues the person who vouched for them could have their future invite revoked also, which is why campers are cautious about who they are willing to vouch for.  So now that you are up to speed. May luck be ever in your favor! ^_^

Karaoke Contest & Video Game Tournament Winners

-Karaoke Contest Winners

  • Friday Night – Justin “2puff Smoker” Plaisted
  • Saturday Night – Ashley Lajeunesse

-Video Game Tournament Winners

  • Mortal Kombat 3 – Canna CDK
  • Primal Rage – Brando
  • Street Fighter 2 – Henry “Jaba King” Thomas

-Raffle Winners

  1.  Max McCarthy
  2.  Mike Hunter
  3.  Justin Farris


Now, moving on to the fun stuff — We are finally finished with this year’s Campout Compilation Video! Like we stated above, we did things differently this year and filmed as much as we could and put together this mash-up of all the various activities, performances, contest winners, and just flat out funny. This was the 7th Campout and it by far was the most fun, relaxing, entertaining, and uplifting thus far. So check it out and be sure to Like the video and Subscribe to our channel. ENJOY!


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