The Earworm Family is moving to Drooble!

Drooble is an online community dedicated to artists. In these times it is hard to find a good atmosphere in the world of social media. Drooble creates that atmosphere! Upon signing up you get the typical features. Such as adding a profile pic, a banner, and a bio. There is much more though. Drooble’s profile editing page has an interview of 14 questions to ask you. Then it is posted to your profile. In my opinion, this adds much more insight for those stopping by. Our artists will be headed that way, we invite you to join the Earworm Family on Drooble!

Drooble’s news feed.

The news feed is really cool. Not only does what you post save to your profile, but there is a community feed. In the community feed, you can see everyone’s posting, no matter if you are following them. You can also choose which “community” your post shows up in. There is the ability to “mention” other users. The use of hashtags is also part of the platform.

Collecting Karma.

Karma points are a virtual currency you can use to purchase tools and promote your music. Posting an invitation link on your social channels or sending it to a friend-musician will unlock your karma and add money to your Drooble wallet. You will receive 10% of all the money spent on Drooble by the people you invited! For example, a $100 order will earn you 10$ sent directly to your Drooble Wallet! Start discussions, answer questions, spread the word about Drooble, listen to other artists’ music, and give genuine music feedback. The more active you are, the more karma points you will have to promote your music. Use Karma Points to promote your music in and outside Drooble. Unlike other platforms where exposure is paid with money, your community contribution here helps you reach more listeners through our promo tools.

Music and video.

The music upload section looks a lot like Soundcloud, except with more flair. Music can be uploaded as individual singles or albums. There are thumbnail options to display artwork. You can get deep insights for your music from other like-minded musicians on your just finished or work-in-progress piece and gain creative motivation or suggestions for improvement with the Drooble Song Reviews service. You can also start making money by providing honest and helpful reviews yourself. There is also a “chart” system based on popularity in genre.

The video upload platform is very simple. Simply copy and paste your videos from Youtube & Vimeo. All the tags and descriptions will show up in the appropriate field, were you can edit them or add on if you decide to. You also have the option of adding in a new thumbnail. I feel like this gives an artist the opportunity to give their content a new look at a different platform. There is also a way users can interact by upvoting or downvoting your video.

Drooble Radio Broadcast.

After you upload a song you can apply for free airtime on Drooble Radio. It’s a free online broadcasting service with thousands of daily listeners across the globe. Drooble radio is listed on the biggest online radio directories and promoted on the world’s best music media magazines. Songs on the radio get 500% more listens. All you need to do is upload your track and then apply for broadcasting. I’ve done this with each one of the tracks I’ve uploaded to Drooble! On Drooble Radio you will receive feedback and appreciation for your music that you won’t find anywhere else. I will write more about this as time develops!

Drooble Charts.

The Charts are updated in real-time, and every Monday they are restarted so that all songs on Drooble start to compete again. Explore the songs that got the most traction last week! Each from the top 5 songs gets an exclusive one-month free radio subscription!

The takeaway.

In my opinion, I would say this is the best social network for a musician. Drooble allows you to interact with other musicians on a real level and provide feedback. Also, I love the incentives and other opportunities. There is so much more I did not mention yet, as I’ve not been able to explore all they offer. However I will continue to explore this platform, I intend to try out the services they provide. I will update here once I’ve learned more and used their other services.

If you’re interested in signing up please use my link:





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