Grim Singmuf brings to you “Existence”. Existence is a collaborative album hosted by The Young Divine. This album explores the idea that “Consciousness Co-Creates Reality”. By sampling live instrumentation over some synthy yet low end and even sometimes acoustic folk hop vibes; and allowing the music to freely manifest into “Existence”.

Staying true to the collaborative nature of his being, Grim Singmuf invites some of his closest friends to the party. Each track flowing in and out of the next, the texture of the soundscapes ebbing and flowing. The laid back sound engulfs the listener as the lyrics bring transcendental imagery. There is a veil placed before our beings, this album is an attempt to lift that veil. Many who know, or have the feeling this veil exists, keep their heads in the clouds. So to speak. Earworm Entertainment wants you to go beyond the clouds.

Moon Magick

Dropping on a New Moon: October 16th, between 2 full moons in Oct 2020, The Full Harvest Moon: October 1st & The Full Hunter’s Moon: October 31st. The Moon represents inner space. Our feelings, our unconscious beliefs, the past, and the feminine goddess archetype.  It offers us the ability to learn from the past and creatively unlock and express our true vibration. It is our closest celestial object and is forever waxing and waning before our eyes.  Each of us, as well as the planet in which we dwell, is comprised of water. Feel the tides within yourself. The push and pull of the moon. Allow yourself the opportunity to wax and wane with the moon. Allow room for growth and transcendence in this life.


See all Moon phase dates and times (EDT) below. See the Moon Phase Calendar for your location.

Full Harvest Moon: October 1, 5:05 P.M.
Last Quarter Moon: October 9, 8:40 PM
New Moon: October 16, 3:31 P.M.
First Quarter Moon: October 23, 9:23 A.M.
Full Hunter’s Moon: October 31, 10:49 A.M.

Grim Singmuf’s Existence

Grim Singmuf maintains a strong community involvement. As he collaborates with other like-minded artists, creating their unique brand of psychedelic Hip-Hop. This philosophical wordsmith creates warped ideas to offer the world a unique and colorful perspective; unlike any other through his wild musical collaborative efforts. Musically, Grim Singmuf blends live recordings to his digital samples. Grim’s other life experiences all factor-in and serves a purpose somewhere along the lines.

Proficient playing hand drums, and harmonica; Grim can be found gaining inspiration from a neighborhood drum circle, or by a riverside playing his harmonica. Music has always been the one constant of his life and has been ever since Grim packed-up and left home for the road, Hitchhiking and Train-hopping at age sixteen. By following his dreams, putting in the hard work and effort and knowing when to relax and eat a few shrooms along the way, with the focus purely on innovation, evolution, imagination and beat-design, Now, as the newest member of the Earworm Entertainment Artist Collective [EwEaC] a new chapter of the Grim Singmuf story has begun to unfold. A brotherhood bonded by love, loyalty, and music. The best of Grim Singmuf is unfolding now before your’ eyes.


Existence tack list


1. Intro
2. Head in the Clouds ft. Tone Dizzy & Sage Tripp
3. Hey Now ft. Tone Dizzy & Lavendula
4. One with the Worm ft. Tone Dizzy
5. Earworm in your Speakers ft. Tone Dizzy
6. Blunted ft. Canna CDK & Nekro G
7. Interlude
8. Beyond the Clouds ft. Canna CDK
9. Cult Music ft. Tone Dizzy
10. Re-Format ft. Nick Will
11. Flowin ft. Tone Dizzy
12. Earworm Family Cut ft. EWEAC
13. Existence ft Mr NoBODy
14. Outro



releases October 16, 2020

Produced by: Earworm Entertainment
Arranged by: Grim Singmuf
Hosted by: Th Young Divine
Composed by: Grim Singmuf & Nick Will
Guitar by: Tone Dizzy
Mixed by: Grim Singmuf, except “Beyond the Clouds”, “Earworm Family”, & Existence” mixed by Canna CDK, and “Re Format” mixed by Nick Will
Mastered by: Grim Singmuf except “Beyond the Clouds”, “Earworm Family”, & Existence” mastered by Canna CDK, and “Re Format” mastered by Nick Will
Artwork created by: {[(?)]}, artwork made album ready by Canna CDK


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[…] Read about Existence here! […]