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Giveaway and Gift Cards

Tis the season for giving. So not only are we running a giveaway here at Earworm, but we just added gift cards to our shop. Not sure what to get for your homie or significant other? Grab a gift card and let them decide! We got tons of dope merch, a lot of it is hand made in house. Do you have a friend that’s into music production? Just another great reason to get them a gift card, as we got tons of music production kits created by the EWEAC for music producers. This is a great way to gift as it allows the receiver to decide what they would like.

Can’t think of anyone worth gifting to? That’s cool we understand. Why not go ahead and sign up for our give away? Enter for a chance to win a digital bundle containing 5 full albums from Earworm’s artist collective. There are alternate prizes as well. Such as a free digital album for the 2nd place winner and premium membership for the 3rd place winner.


We Got You!

We strive to be our best when it comes to providing quality and matching it with quantity. If you stopped by and participated in our Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, then you know this!

DIY merch we create in house:

  • T-shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Bandanas
  • Hatpins
  • Key chains
  • Instrumentals
  • Sound Packs
  • And more!

This list is ever-growing as we advance and invest as a team of creatives who seek to always improve the integrity of our brand!

Time, hard work, dedication, and persistence goes into the creation of all things Earworm. From our in-house music production and studio recordings, our graphic design team, to our merchandise we pride ourselves on our creations and their originality. Canna CDK has spearheaded this endeavour with a clear mind and whole heart, seeking to dive deep into the arts to provide the Earworm Family with something to call our own, right at its very root, By creating workshops at our Vermont headquarters for screen printing, 3D printing, graphic design, music production, and more building up the Earworm Entertainment brand and encouraging his artist to find alternative ways of exploring their creative minds.

Earworm Entertainment Artist Collective

Signing up for membership to the Earworm network allows you to receive a lot more.

Sign-up! Don’t Lose Out!

If you aren’t a registered member of our website yet now is the time! Signing up grants access to features and benefits not available to guests. Membership also ensures all digital purchases made are manageable and accessible. As a registered member, you also have a reputation which can earn a “Verified” status based on Purchases, Comments, & Reviews.  You do so also by earning points with activity from our Reward System. Everything from log-in to check-out earns points that can be saved up or exchanged for advertising, upgrades, product discounts, and free merchandise. More than a seasonal giveaway, sign up and find out what I mean!

Other Features & Benefits of Membership:

  • Discount Prices on Products
  • Early Access to New Features
  • Earworm Cash-back on Purchases
  • Ability to Comment in News Room
  • Custom Profile
  • Earn Points as You Go
  • Full Feature Access

Signing up for premium membership to the Earworm network allows you to receive a lot more.

Premium Memberships

Earworm Entertainment is a broad beast of multimedia and entertainment. Everything from the organization and execution of live events across New England. Filming and producing our own music videos. To composing, recording, engineering, and releasing our own music. It is a never-ending stream of hard work, passion, and a power collective drive. From the outside perspective, only the tip of the iceberg can be seen. We aim to change that by introducing Premium Membership. Shining a light on the process before and beyond release. The purpose of our Premium Membership is to give those who are interested in an inside look at what happens. Behind the scenes and provide early access to bloopers, new music, new products, music videos, upcoming events, etc. You will also have the chance to voice opinions and suggestions by filling out surveys.

Premium MembershipPremium Memberships are paid subscription services offering a wide range of benefits stretching across the Earworm Entertainment Network. This deal is offered as a monthly subscription. With this account, you have access to all of our basic account features plus additional access and features available exclusively to Premium Members. Some benefits and features include:

  • Early Access to Projects, Releases, & Upcoming Events
  • Access to Private Content
  • Access to Exclusive Products from our Shop
  • Discount on Earworm Products & Services
  • Behind the Scenes Look

As previously mentioned, you can win a free month of premium with our current giveaway!

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Canna CDK
6 months ago

With the change of Youtube’s policy’s it seems that entry method no longer is functioning properly. But everything else seems to work fine. Only 7 days left enter while you can!