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We have been updating our website a lot lately. Some new stuff we would like to share is the introduction of Music Production Kits to our store. Some of these kits are “One Shot” samples of our house made drums, synths and other dope sounds. You can load these in any DAW, drum machine, or sampler of your choice. We also have loop packs available. We’ve created Earworm Loop Pack Bundle Volume 1, which contains 6 loop packs. You can purchase these packs individually or go for the bundle which will provide you with a nice discount. All packs are varying in tempo and are sure to help you create some new heat.

We have also combined some one shots and loops into other packages. All a bit more extensive then just loop packs. These kits even have bonus presets for popular soft synths and VSTI’s such as Native Instruments Massive. We also have the Altered States Kit which comes with 5 bonus presets for FL Studios Harmless. These are complete music production kits with everything needed to construct a new beat from scratch! Don’t pass up our sound effects bundles, they are full of very unique sound clips created by our Composers & Producers.

Drums, synths, loops and more!

That’s right, “and more!”. If you have a track single that needs mixing and mastering take advantage of our flat-rate production service. If you have more than a single track we also offer full production services. We also offer full post production sound services for broadcast, film and games. When it comes to post production mixing, it is essential to utilize audio engineers that will make your audio translate and adhere to the required industry specs. Earworm can scale and accommodate any production milestone giving you a unique signature sound to your project.

Audio mastering is the process of taking a mix and preparing it for distribution. Mastering is the final step of audio post-production. The purpose of mastering is to balance sonic elements of a stereo mix and optimize playback across all systems and media formats. Here at Earworm we master using the latest equalization, compression, limiting,stereo enhancement, and more secret weapons. We master individual songs and entire albums. Mastering your album gives it a complete feel and flow, as the levels matched and songs flow seamlessly from intro to outro.

So you came through, got kits, built a song, had us mix and master… What’s next?

Custom art that captures your identity and brand, bringing your next single, album or mixtape to its highest level! We can provide customized artwork and design to bring your album to life. Front to back, insert to disc. Your album artwork represents your music before anyone hears a sound, and Earworm can make your album stand out. In this age of digital music distribution there are some people who still like to hold a physical product. Your artwork is gonna be what catches the attention of the listener first, but more importantly its something they can hold or put on their wall. Generic art gives the potential listener the idea that “this is just another…”. Earworm can take your vibe to a new level, successfully helping you show originality in your brand.

Our digital artists pay great attention to detail and will effectively bring that extra “wow” factor to your piece! Our artwork is original and ready for platforms such as Spotify, Pandora, Itunes, etc. Most of the popular bands in any country are instantly recognized by their art and logo. Want to have something unique? Earworm’s team of digital artists can come up with that little something that will perfectly suit your musical needs. Whether you need a release cover for your new album, a logo for your record label, or artists. Earworm Entertainment’s Music & Graphic Services are solutions for you. Cost effective rates with premium quality design will set your brand, artists, and web presence apart from the rest. Preview some of the most recent release covers we’ve produced alongside other services that you can take advantage of right away.

Want to take it one step further?

Sure you could just take that dope song and art over to Soundcloud and share with friends on social media. What about global reach? I’m talking global digital distribution on the top streaming sites and apps. We have multiple packages that cover the needs of those who take music serious and want to be heard. Digital music distribution is the best way to deliver music to your fans and create new fans in other countries.

Earworm Entertainment has an Affiliate Artist program, there are different ways to be a part of this. Say you buy a Loop Pack and make a dope beat. You write some fire lyrics, then send tour beat and vocals to us for mixing and mastering. If we think its great we will endorse it and make you an Affiliate Artist. We support creators, we are artists who understand your need to have your music heard.

If your a serious artist and music to you is more than a hobby we can provide unbeatable digital music distribution services. If your interested in what we can do for you in regards to becoming an Affiliate Artist and the benefits it provides start by visiting our Digital Album Release Services. There you can choose a promo package, we provide cost effective rates with premium quality design will set your brand, artists, and web presence apart from the rest.

In conclusion…

Lets work together, see where Earworm Entertainment can bring you and your brand. If you have not already, I’d like to invite you to sign up for premium membership.

Premium Memberships

Earworm Entertainment is a broad beast of multimedia and entertainment. Everything from the organization and execution of live events across New England. Filming and producing our own music videos. To composing, recording, engineering, and releasing our own music. It is a never-ending stream of hard work, passion, and a power collective drive. From the outside perspective, only the tip of the iceberg can be seen. We aim to change that by introducing Premium Membership. Shining a light on the process before and beyond release. The purpose of our Premium Membership is to give those who are interested in an inside look at what happens behind the scenes and provide early access to bloopers, new music, new products, music videos, upcoming events, etc. You will also have the chance to voice opinions and suggestions by filling out surveys.

Premium MembershipPremium Memberships are paid subscription services offering a wide range of benefits stretching across the Earworm Entertainment Network. This deal is offered as a monthly subscription. With this account you have access to all of our basic account features plus additional access and features available exclusively to Premium Members. Some benefits and features include:

  • Early Access to Projects, Releases, & Upcoming Events
  • Access to Private Content
  • Access to Exclusive Products from our Shop
  • Discount on Earworm Products & Services
  • Behind the Scenes Look
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Great article, fantastic read!