4 thoughts on “N.H. Gov. Signs Medical Cannabis Expansion bill

  1. Yes Yes! What a good move in the right direction. Being a traveler coming from the New England area I always refer to the Northeast as the “Old Country.” It is great to see how all this is playing out! There are many people who are plagued by the pestilence that comes when Humans abuse opiates and New Hampshire has some of the worse cases. They deserve Cannabis. It is the healing of the nations.

    1. Exactly! One state at a time. New England is getting closer and closer to full legalization for all states involved. Never thought I would be able to watch the progression in my life time so its really amazing to me actually.

      1. 100% felt the same for a long time, that’s one of the reasons, aside from the culture and beauty, why I stayed out west most of my life. Safety first, I dislike being treated like a criminal over a plant.

  2. New England making progress, New Hampshire has been one of the more reluctant states in the area to legalize Cannabis. Happy to see they are progressing even if it is at a snail’s pace.

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