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Audio Enhancement Services

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Maybe you have a cell phone recording, maybe it was a digital recorder…you hear muffled voices in the background. What are they saying? Not knowing has been eating at you, and you need answers….

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Audio Enhancement Services

Audio recordings are used in many scenarios in society such as private investigating, corporate quality auditing and police criminal covert operations to name a few. In particular when audio evidence is used in court as prosecution material details from that recording need to accurate and clear to enable the jury to make their decisions fairly regarding the evidence provided.

Audio recordings are not always of a high enough sound quality making it difficult or even impossible for the listener to be able to distinguish what is being said or who is saying it. Background noise disturbances, sound artifacts, other voices, technical interference and static noises and all issues that can reduce the quality of original audio recordings. We have state of the art equipment which allows us to reduce or in some cases completely eliminate any unnecessary noise interference in order to improve the quality of the recording.


Note: Due to all the many variables that come with this service. We will need to hear the purposed audio file before assuring desired audio is possible to recover.


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