Grim Singmuf – Magick


Full length album consisting of 14 songs featuring artists such as Third Mee, Collie Reeka, and More!

Grim Singmuf – “Long Road”

Produced by: Grim Singmuf
Written by: Grim Singmuf
Composed by: Grim Singmuf
Total Tracks: 14

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Grim Singmuf – Magick

By following his dreams, putting in the hard-work and effort and knowing when to relax an eat a few shrooms along the way, with the focus purely on innovation, evolution, imagination and beat-design, Now, as the newest member of the Earworm Entertainment Artist Collective [EwEaC] a new chapter of the Grim Singmuf story has begun to unfold. A brotherhood bonded by love, loyalty, and music. The best of Grim Singmuf is unfolding now before your eyes.


  1. Receive the Forbidden
  2. Magick
  3. Amped Minds featuring Third Mee & Collie Reeka
  4. High Neighbor
  5. Blazin Camations
  6. Hunger Cries featuring Kuma Kai Akua
  7. Cloudy
  8. Long Road
  9. So Blind featuring Third Mee & Collie Reeka
  10. Culture Shock
  11. Thelema featuring Third Mee & Collie Reeka
  12. Oh…
  13. Do My Damn Thang featuring Mystah Spaulding
  14. Cesspool Diagnostic featuring Mystah Spaulding


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