I Heard the Cries of a Dying Star


New instrumental album from Grim Singmuf.

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I Heard the Cries of a Dying Star



  1. Dying Star
  2. I hear her crying
  3. Motivated to find a cure
  4. Tears of the Star
  5. Ingest the rain from the Star
  6. The Liquid is Transcendental
  7. Puddles upon the Planet
  8. Dancing in the mud
  9. I wish the Star would drip forever
  10. We Must Fuel the Star
  11. We Gotta Get Organized
  12. Star Rain Is the New Holy water
  13. Prayers for the Star
  14. Everything Has Been Dying
  15. We Have Seen Brighter Days
  16. Requiem for a White Dwarf
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