Safe and Sound Song Contest

Safe and Sound

Hello, fans, friends, and family of the Earworm nation! We hope you and your loved ones are safe and sound! Our crew wanted to spark and inspire your creative fire! We decided it would be dope to create a contest and give away some free creative content. So we put together a sound kit, some loops, and a free beat. This is all free for anyone. Even the contest is free! Just download the beat, write, record, and then send your song in! You can find the contest and files HERE.

What can you win?

With everything going on in the world right now we want to spread some positive vibes with our Safe and Sound Song Contest. EWE staff wanted to give you the opportunity to earn a song slot on the Earworm Entertainment Mixtape Volume 4! So this is what we are going to do for all of you:

Contest Prizes:

  •  Your song will be featured on Earworm Entertainment Mixtape Volume 4.
  •  The artist/group will receive personalized wrist bands with their artist/group name and contest date.
  •  The song will be streamed on Earworm Radio & Majik Ninja Radio.

So we invite you to get creative on behalf of us. As previously mentioned this is all free. There is no obligation to enter the contest. There are no strings attached. A gift from the Earworm Family to you.

Beat Composed by Grim Singmuf
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2 months ago

Excited to hear the entries!