Earworm Cares

Earworm Cares

Thank you to all on the front lines! We want to give back and show that Earworm cares! Doctors and nurses on the COVID-19 frontline are spending many hours a day wearing face masks. Due to having to wear the masks constantly, they are getting rashes/sores on the back of their ears and heads. Some have gone as far as trying to use paperclips to reduce the rubbing but those are causing even more discomfort and pain. So Canna thought we would help out the best way he could think of.

Earworm Cares

We are sending these free to hospitals in need, where approved. At this point, we have a batch of 40 going out today to a hospital in Massachusettes. Earworm Entertainment will be making more for hospitals in MA, VT, & NH when and where they are approved.

Canna CDK is the only person handling the mask straps. He has remained at EWE HQ on a mountain in Vermont. The safest place for anything to come from right now is there. Anything leaving Earworm HQ is being handled very carefully and sanitized before shipping. Your safety is our #1 concern and we are taking every measure possible to ensure merchandise is safe.

Available free of charge from our shop.



Earworm Cares

Since people have to touch the package in transit, we recommend wearing gloves to open the package and wipe it down before opening. This ensures any outside contamination is eradicated. We each must do our individual parts to keep each other safe. It really is up to each and every one of us to ensure the world can get through this together. 

Thank You!

The staff here at Earworm Entertainment want to thank everyone who is putting their lives at risk to be on the front lines. We admire your courage and your big hearts! We stand with you united. Condolences to all who have suffered a loss at this time. Our prayers go out to everyone greatly affected by this. There are high hopes that we can get through this. It’s up to us as individuals. We stand with those on the front lines fighting the pandemic.

Earworm Cares

If you are a Doctor, a Nurse, or a CNA who works in a facility and is in need of our Mask Straps, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have a messaging system on our website that will get you in contact with a member of our staff. You can also feel free to Email us: {earwormentertainment@gmail.com}

Again thank you for fighting this pandemic, our hearts go out to you!


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Sono i un'infermiera e in questo momento mi trovo ad affrontare questa emergenza sanitaria. Ho paura anche io, ma non di andare a fare la spesa, ho paura di andare a lavoro. Ho paura perché la mascherina potrebbe non aderire bene al viso, o potrei essermi toccata accidentalmente con i guanti sporchi, o magari le lenti non mi coprono nel tutto gli occhi e qualcosa potrebbe essere passato. Sono stanca fisicamente perché i dispositivi di protezione fanno male, il camice fa sudare e una volta vestita non posso più andare in bagno o bere per sei ore. Sono stanca psicologicamente, e come me lo sono tutti i miei colleghi che da settimane si trovano nella mia stessa condizione, ma questo non ci impedirà di svolgere il nostro lavoro come abbiamo sempre fatto. Continuerò a curare e prendermi cura dei miei pazienti, perché sono fiera e innamorata del mio lavoro. Quello che chiedo a chiunque stia leggendo questo post è di non vanificare lo sforzo che stiamo facendo, di essere altruisti, di stare in casa e così proteggere chi è più fragile. Noi giovani non siamo immuni al coronavirus, anche noi ci possiamo ammalare, o peggio ancora possiamo far ammalare. Non mi posso permettere il lusso di tornarmene a casa mia in quarantena, devo andare a lavoro e fare la mia parte. Voi fate la vostra, ve lo chiedo per favore.

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Canna CDK
10 months ago

very much so!


[…] These guys are also offering mask comfort straps to essential medical workers to help people heal from this pandemic. Click the picture down below to order some straps for free! Read about the straps here! […]