The Beginning of the End!

by Canna CDK

Before there was Earth, before there were man. There was the creation of Niflheim. From which came the one who would be our creation and our demise. Before there was sand before there was seas and waves the first being and giants walked the plains.

A battle with the Gods it was creator against creation. When the battle had ended the blood of the giant consumed all that surrounds him. From this death came the birth of a planet born of blood and body parts created the human race. Biding time deep within, while lying in wait for the last of the Gods to fall. For his time to rise again to take back what they had once stole. As the world they created begins tearing itself apart broken souls nourished him. Time draws closer for him to rise from the ashes for his soul to claim a new vessel and rule once again. The second coming of YMIR is upon us, this is the beginning of the end!”

Canna CDK “SINISTER INTENT” Album Release Early 2020







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