Welcome to the Syndicate

Welcome to the Syndicate

Welcome to the Syndicate! We are proud to announce the addition of the Worm City Syndicate to the Earworm Entertainment Artist Collective [EwEaC]! DMK and Grim Singmuf have pulled out all the stops with this new group. Prepare yourself, this duo is like nothing you have heard from Earworm Entertainment bringing you a unique sound that sets them apart. 2021 is sure to be one to remember with multiple albums set to release from these mind-blowing madmen!

About Worm City Syndicate

“The Worm City Syndicate is a secret society that has come to the surface to join forces with Earworm Entertainment. These primordial beings, seemingly humanoid, ascended from the vernal pools deep in the dark deciduous New England forest. They exist as “fungal-simian” hybrids who co-exist with intergalactic parasites brought to earth by foreign spores that hitchhiked to Earth on meteorites. Deep underground is ancient cities inhabited by these subterranean hybrid humanoids, who left the surface to survive a thermonuclear war over 14,000 years ago. Those who went underground were once more human-like until they became symbiotes for a parasitic race of worms. Those who were infected evolved to become one with the worms. They continue to grow and evolve underground having created vast tunnel networks across North America connecting each of their cities. The Worm City Syndicate holds it down for their brothers and sisters of the underground. Spreading new sounds and vibrations to the underground and beyond. The purpose is to uplift the souls of those who have been infected by Intergalactic worm-like parasites, as-well-as to infect those who have not made a symbiotic relationship with the worms.”

Worm City Syndicate - Humbling Revelations
Humbling Revelations Now Available!

“The Fun Begins”

Welcome to the Syndicate

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