Release the Mixtape

Release the Mixtape

Release the mixtape! The time has come, the Earworm Entertainment Mixtape Volume 4 has arrived! From the day Earworm Entertainment launched we have been pumping music out and every year we put together a collection of music covering many genres as we possibly can. And this year is no different! With 20 tracks, the Earworm Entertainment Mixtape Volume 4 has something for everyone with a broad array of styles. We want to let you be the judge, Listen, explore, and experience some new sounds from the underground!

Earworm Entertainment Artist Collective:










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1. Introduction
2. EwEaC – Earworm Family
3. Worm City Syndicate – So Fine
4. Canna CDK & Grim Singmuf ft. Jay Prophet – Find Yourself
5. Canna CDK ft. Jay Prophet – Suspect Zero
6. Maniak Max ft. Jah Murda Srnj & Twitch – Modern Day Chaos
7. DMK – A Better Place
8. Saiontz – Current State of HipHop
9. Grim Singmuf ft. Nekro G, Jinzx, & The Young Divine – Darkness
10. Tone Dizzy – Safe and Sound (Contest Winner)
11. Interlude
12. The Young Divine – Ked Tasinzki
13. Canna CDK – Trapped
14. Jay Prophet – Bag of Shrooms
15. Grim Singmuf – Mashed Tators
16. Mr NoBoDy – Fuck Them Pigs
17. JB Abyss ft. Grim Singmuf – Supply & Demand
18. Prawcess – Shadowman (Black Van Mix)
19. DMK & Grim Singmuf – Vibez
20. Outro

*Note: Earworm Entertainment Artist Collective [EwEaC] member names above are italic.

Produced by Earworm Entertainment
Compiled & Encoded by
Canna CDK


     Earworm Entertainment reserves rights to the mixtape compilation only. All lyrical, instrumental, and any other rights are reserved by their respective owners.

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