3 thoughts on “Dealing with police

  1. This is a topic in which I have much experience! I used to get stopped it seems almost on the daily by the old cops on the Attleboro, MA police department. Sometimes I would deserve it, namely by going into areas that were fenced off, and others really caught me by surprise. I used to have an “armed and dangerous” tag so when they would run my name, there would be 3 or 4 more cruisers joining in the fun. This of course is when I was a younger man so I’d mess with the cops right back. Since I’ve been older though, I tend to realize it’s not worth the hassle (especially if I know I’m not ridin dirty) and nowadays I tend to go with the flow. That being said I do keep an ear out on my guaranteed rights under the United states bill of rights, which I would fight for having served in the United States Army. One time in the town of North Smithfield, RI I was stopped for not wearing a seatbelt which led to me and my passengers being detained for an hour and which landed my older brother in jail. My truck was searched illegally, as I did not give the police consent to search my truck to which I was told “I don’t need your consent because I have a k9 on the way.” The K9 never showed up but the search went on anyway. There was weed in the truck but this dumbass pig couldn’t find it. Moral of the story being look out for your rights, as most other people will not.

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