Tone Dizzy

We had a chance to sit down with a modern-day bard. Singer, Song Writer, Producer, Multi-Instrumentalist, and Recording Artist Tone Dizzy.

A self-taught producer taking cues from IDM style producers like Aphex Twin, Tone grew up in Woonsocket, RI and now travels the country writing music and playing his guitar in the street. Coming to a curb near you, always bringing something brand new! A versatile multi-faceted artist with a true vision that compliments every essence of the captivating soundscapes he creates. When not taking in life on the road, this bard rests his bones within catacombs in Mount Shasta where Tone creates all types of vibes, from his Acoustic style to zoned deep deep squishy beats.

Tell us a bit about yourself and where you are from.

Making music and LOVE is usually the main priority in my life, especially the older I grow. Producing other artists and beats is a very meaningful pastime for me. Being a psychonaut, I enjoy experiencing other realms of consciousness and traveling’ the vast abundance of planes and gathering inspiration from these places. Came from an intergalactic box, thank you, mama… I’m from R.I, grew up bouncing from town to town which had a big influence on my outlook on the world and definitely inspired this melting pot of styles in which I stir. I have a lot to talk about, and so much time so what’s good?

What inspired you to make music?

From a young age, I dabbled for fun. When I grew to about eleven – twelve I stumbled upon FL.STUDIO and fell in love with Experimenting with the sounds I was able to create, yet I was still doing for my own pleasure. When I was about fifteen, I jokingly dropped a couple of verses on a beat I made for shits and giggles. Then, all of a sudden, my friend (Kevin Smith) who plays the guitar was under the assumption I actually freestyled and put me on the spot at the park. Kevin played a riff and there was a pretty big group of kids standing and listening, not wanting to back down I spit a flow and judging by the crowds’ response they enjoyed and liked it…from there I continued to rap, sing and take producing music more seriously.

Modern-day bard, Tone Dizzy

Can you break down your creative process?

For sure… Like I was saying what keeps me going most is people enjoying the music, I will always do it for myself too, but when I know someone is feeling what it is I’m creating I feel inspired to please the beautiful palate of the ears listening. A lot of the times, my favorite songs come from an experience or mood, and through that mode of being, I will channel the lyrics… When I kick it with Grim Singmuf although we both have a lot of content stockpiled we like to build the vibe together, being in the same room with your fellow artist and friends can bring out a lot of great material… There is a never-ending flow of thought and mind states I’ve nurtured throughout the years that has developed into a way of life for me, so I’m constantly being inspired by almost every situation.

Jay Prophet, Tone Dizzy, and Grim Singmuf

Do you produce your beats?

Yes indeed! I have been diligently, savagely, crazy-making beats for more than a decade. It is one of my favorite things to do, I have been literally doing that with any spare time I have. At this point, I have enough beats to drop albums for the rest of my life, but because I also play instruments and love experimenting/collaborating and making “bass music” I’m always looking for people that are in need or want them instrumentals…Will be putting together a page soon displaying and making more of them available.

When did you begin writing lyrics?

I remember freestyling to and from school to myself at about fourteen-fifteen. But it wasn’t until I got a little older and gained more experiences in life that the messages I was portraying became more clear to me. As I got a bit older about sixteen I started actually putting more conscious thought into the art. My friends said that It sounded good but didn’t always know what it was I was spitting about, so I took time and effort to find a way to explain a paragraph worth of lyrics and condense that into a line or so. Doing this made every line more meaningful, serve more of a purpose.

If you could go open a show for any artist who would it be?

Oh come on, that’s a tough one…(takes a smoke and shot)… Jamming with artists I support and believe in, the ones who inspire me is important not just for me but for this movement of keeping the game real and full of great entities. With that being said, there’s a lot of artists and won’t limit that to one, Anyone on Rhymesayers entertainment, Hobo Johnson, Griz, Mod Son, Denzil Porter, Fuckin’ 2pac, honestly that’s a tricky question, but as far as opening for some “one” I don’t know, I’ll open and close any show!

Are there any musicians, poets, or artists in your family?

Yes, it’s funny my Pops, is a really great writer but he does it for him. I stumbled upon a book full of poems he wrote in college and hesitates to share with the word and its great. Yea me Pops plays the drums. Mama plays the guitar a bit, Gramma played the piano. My family and friends have definitely encouraged me to continue creating music.

What is busking and how has it played a role in your life?

When I started to play the guitar and sing a little bit around fifteen years old, I would play the guitar/perform in the streets full time about 8 hours, I did it as if it were a real job. I would maybe make ten-fifteen dollars a day. It wasn’t very inspiring but defiantly helped me sing louder and build a stage presence. Having to be louder than the city took energy and practice. When I started traveling I realized that I could make at least minimum wage especially more if I had CDs available. Thanks to that I was encouraged to continue playing and realized people enjoyed my craft and it has completely helped me evolve as an artist. Sometimes the people in the city passing by need the music the most and have a great appreciation for it.

Busking in Santa Cruz CA

What do you value more, creativity, or perfect execution?

Creativity..because we can always come back and perfect but it is in the heat of the moment when the lightning strikes When we allow our creativity to flow and magic happens.

To this date, what do you believe is the best song you have released?

That’s a tough one too, I always love my newest installments, but the collaborations I do especially with my brother Grim Singmuf are sentimental and mean a lot to me. I dabble in a melting pot of genres, so I do have some favorites from each. I’d say my latest favorite though is “ALL DAY ALL NIGHT” – TONE DIZZY ft. GRIM SINGMUF –

How has your music evolved since you first began?

I started really enjoying making beats and drum and bass music, and slowly developed my own taste and style over the years. I enjoy utilizing more live instruments and creating my own samples. The weed we smoke is interesting try that sh*t.

What do you need to work on most musically?

Touring as well as marketing. Putting together events with like minds. It’s tough because even with the internet between living life and creating music there’s only so much time to do everything when you are and are a part of an independent label. But yea…WORLD TOUR!…

Do you collaborate with others, if so can you describe the process?

GRIM SINGMUF is my homie. We throw vibes and ideas at one another, put a beat on and take it from there. The last album we recorded I was producing a beat or a song and he would pop in the room with some lyrics and I took them and wrote and built the song from there… it was a smooth process. We made “CRUNCHY VIBES FOR SOARING HIGHS” by TONE DIZZY in about 24 hrs… I like to start with the vibe or what’s important or thought-provoking at the time!… Just made a game as a part of this dynamic duo, “TRAPPER KEEPER”, My friend, “Optimus Rhyme the Young Divine” and I were chopping it up about growing up in the ’90s and now we are creating a retro wave 90’s vibe influenced album… There are all different kinds of processes… But have you tried DMT?…

Tone Dizzy with Snuff Rap Mafia

What can you tell us about “Crunchy Vibes For Soaring Highs”?

Its a journey through sounds, especially for cats that like heavy bass and psychedelic hip-hop. Had a blast producing it, Grim Singmuf is featured throughout the whole album and helped production. We hadn’t seen one another in a minute due to an injury I had and we met up and needed to drop some rhymes together and we came up with the album in basically a day…check it out online…CRUNCHY VIBES SOARING HIGHS by TONE DIZZY.


What was the biggest problem in life that you had to overcome?

Dealing with all you stupid ass white people asking me questions..(laughs). Really life can be an obstacle, and it is up to how we deal with this winding road that leads us to where we are meant to be. Society at times is a challenge for me to deal with. Having all the potential, while transforming it into kinetic energy and keeping my mind right, spirit right.. and vision right without losing myself. Growing up drenched in the fluid of bigots sweat, gasping for breath in the smog of a lost generation and seeing it for what it is, and not letting it get to me was a great feat.

Which do you prefer more, Creating or Performing, and Why?

To me, both are hand in hand… So yes I enjoy doing these things… I love moving a crowd which is a lot of me getting it all out and reaching and vibing with them listening. Creating is when I have time to myself to really reach in deep and develop. A lot of times I’m Creating and Performing at once.

Tone Dizzy and Tha Six

What are you working on right now?

A large handful of projects. I have a solo hip-hop album I’ve been writing lyrics for. Sykotropex is a rap group we just put together at the end of the last year 2019, full of great talent. Trapper Keeper a 90’s throwback retro-modern/archaic wave vibe. Looking forward to Working with Know Morals, Lavendula, Cesspool Asylum, Earworm Entertainment, and many others, constantly creating… Also looking to find a lot more artists that want some tight beats!!

What is one experience in life that, without it, you wouldn’t be the artist you are today?

Everything we go through can be taken in and utilized for some form of inspiration. From knowing the struggle from the ground up to witnessing people cry and then rejoice to the music. One time I took a little less than a sheet of acid… I thought I was never able going to be able to make music again, I hung with Buddha, Hendrix, everything in the universe, Since I was able to form sentences the next day. There was a new outlook and wanted every line to be meaningful… Seeing people switch there mood up and feel the vibe of the room because of a song I’m playing… Building long-lasting relationships with artists… Being able to immortalize my spirit in a sound that will live longer than I will… That was one experience, and only a part of one I’m still in the middle of.

What’s an average day like for you?

Wake up, embrace the day. Stretch breath and start making beats. I love the people, and I love adventures but honestly, if I’m not in the garden, or making hash, I’m usually in front of a mic or dropping some beats. I like being well rounded in this venture of life, so when I can I will write some lyrics, make some music, create more art, take some time for deep thinking when possible surrender to nature and embrace her beautiful ever-flowing streams, smoke some DMT, blow my own mind, work, feed some people and repeat… But yea mainly dropping them bangers!!!!


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