Deviant Dialect

Proud to announce we are officially less than one month away from the drop of Deviant Dialect! The first full-length album Grim Singmuf drops on Earworm Entertainment! Deviant Dialect drops May 22nd and pre-orders begin April 30th. 19 tracks with features from Jay Prophet, The Young Divine, Canna CDK, Nekro G, Tone Dizzy, Jinzx, Maniak Max, DMK, Kaijai, and Daniac.

Grim Singmuf maintains a strong community involvement. Collaborating with other like-minded artists. Creating his unique brand of psychedelic Hip-Hop. Bringing life to warped ideas. Offering the world a unique and colorful perspective unlike any other through his wild musical collaborative efforts. Musically, Grim Singmuf blends live recordings to his digital samples. You can expect his bell drum to be played throughout this album.

Here is a single off the album, released late 2019:

Grim Singmuf was interviewed by CTRL+Space. In this interview, he describes this specific track. Here is a snippet:

Your most popular song is “Musical Medicinals.” What’s the song about?

Musical Medicinals is a track about using music as a tool for therapy. More specifically, it is about self-medicating through the creation of music. You see music has always been my best friend; it was always there when others were not. Even if I did not have a source to listen outside my own head, I could always create it. Mickey Hart and Babatunde Olatunji created a song called “Jewe” that is based on body percussion. It has inspired the belief I have that our bodies are musical instruments. Creating music has always been the greatest medicine for me. I like to keep a harmonica around for this reason. It is a great tool to use the breath of life. No matter if you exhale or inhale, you are creating sound.

Where did the sounds come from?

The drums on this track are from a kit I made called “Cataclysmic Drum Kit.” It’s available on our website in a pack with a lot of other drums and loops. There is what sounds like keys, but that is actually an isolated sound from my bell drum which I further modified. The shaker sound is actually a shekere that my brother Jayf gifted me. It is a gourd with shells on it. I just messed with the ADSR and added a reverb plate to an isolated shake. It kinda reminds me of a rattlesnake. Other sounds like the bass and pad I synthesized in FL Studio, those sounds, as well as, presets for specific VSTIs can be purchased on the Earworm Entertainment website.

Canna CDK and Grim chop it up with CTRL+Space. They talk Back 2 Basics, collaboration, being team members, and future endeavors.


Earworm Entertainment is running a giveaway in anticipation of this release. The winner will receive a signed copy of the Deviant Dialect CD. They will also get some stickers.

Grim Singmuf’s Deviant Dialect Give-A-Way

Sign up today for a chance to win!

While you wait:

Check out Grim Singmuf’s previous releases.

If your taste is a little more abstract, he got you:


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Canna CDK
1 year ago

So excited for this album to drop!

Grim Singmuf
1 year ago

Thanks for the ongoing support!