Grim Singmuf – Crepuscular


Grim Singmuf – Crepuscular

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8 Tracks

Grim Singmuf – “Ungulate”

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Grim Singmuf – Crepuscular

Pre-Earworm release from Grm Singmuf

Making use of his ten-plus years of experience as a producer, Grim samples, chops, cuts, edits and splices a second-life from old-songs into all-new ideas focusing purely on innovation, imagination and beat-design. Creating artistic and verifiably psychedelic vibes, assembling a full-on collage of sound through samples of songs hand-selected by Grim himself, laced and threaded into hazy textures & tempos designed to be so vivid, you can see the music in your mind.

Released June 16, 2018


  1. Ungulate
  2. Tricornatus
  3. Alpheidae
  4. Prosimian
  5. Luciola
  6. Matutinal
  7. Vespertine
  8. Eulemur
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