Upcoming Maniak Max EWEAC Future Releases

Upcoming Maniak Max EWEAC artist and one-third of NFG, Maniak Max has two upcoming releases. The first one we will discuss is his project "Klepto". This free EP has the feel and vibe of a 90's mixtape. One you would find from a bootlegger on Broad Street in Providence RI, back in the day. Dope throw back beats from the golden era of hip hop to the early 2000s. Maniak ...
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DIY Keychains

New DIY Merch! True creators live here!

New DIY Merch! A whole new array of DIY merch created in house is about to hit the EWE website! During this global pandemic, Canna CDK is the only person handling the merchandise. He has remained at EWE HQ on a mountain in Vermont. The safest place for merchandise to come from right now there. All physical merchandise is being handled very carefully and sanitized before shipping. Your safety is ...
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3rd Eye Rize Productions Art from the Prophet

3rd Eye Rize Productions Earworm's own Jay Prophet operates an art and video production company called "3rd Eye Rize Productions". This is where the masked musician's audio and visual artistry collide. Dedicated to his art, as well as collaborations and promotional work with other musicians and artists. From psychedelic and vivid music videos to elaborate graphics sure to captivate all 3 eyes! Master of his craft Jay Prophet is known ...
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Use Your Alexa Device With Earworm Radio

Use Your Alexa Device With Earworm Radio TuneIn to Earworm Radio

Use Your Alexa Device With Earworm Radio You can use your Alexa device with Earworm Radio and TuneIn Radio! We are going to show you all the different methods of streaming Earworm Radio both on-the-go and at home. Tune in with TuneIn Radio This method uses the TuneIn Radio App available for free from the iOS App Store & Google Play. Once you have downloaded and installed the TuneIn ...
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Deviant Dialect New Grim Singmuf

Deviant Dialect Proud to announce we are officially less than one month away from the drop of Deviant Dialect! The first full-length album Grim Singmuf drops on Earworm Entertainment! Deviant Dialect drops May 22nd and pre-orders begin April 30th. 19 tracks with features from Jay Prophet, The Young Divine, Canna CDK, Nekro G, Tone Dizzy, Jinzx, Maniak Max, DMK, Kaijai, and Daniac. Grim Singmuf maintains a strong community involvement. Collaborating ...
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Remixing Tips Production Tips

Remixing Tips We wanted to give you guys some tips on remixing songs. Feel free to comment on any questions below! If you want to learn how to remix tracks then you should start with songs you like. Acapellas are easy to come by on the Internet. Just have to hunt them down. There are also new websites like Phonic Mind that help you isolate parts of any song. Always ...
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The Rhyme Mastah Earworm Interviews

The Rhyme Mastah The Rhyme Mastah is an all-around emcee. His main purpose is to study the different elements of Hip-Hop, In order to create quality art and music in its purest form. With a true passion for the craft, The Rhyme Mastah brings a dark but truthful style. Packed with complex rhyme schemes. A fresh breath into the world of Rap and Hip Hop. Having struggled with a life ...
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