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    I am a long time user of FL Studio, over a decade of time spent with the software. I have licenses for other DAW’s such as Pre-Sonus, Ableton Live, Pro Tools Lite, and Maschine. However, I always come back to FL Studio. My reasoning is mostly due to comfortability, mixed with my knowledge of the DAW, and overall workflow.

    It is not the easiest thing to master at first glance, in fact, it is very open in the same way a blank canvas is. There are so many options it can be overwhelming. I would say one of the biggest selling points is the fact that they give you free upgrades for life. Any DAW can perform similar tasks as the next, it is all a matter of comfortability.

    FL Studio has 5 Versions available. Fire, Fruity, Producer, Signature, and “all plugins” bundle. Fire & Fruity are basically the same with the exception that Fire is built to recognize the Akai Fire, the first and only controller built for FL Studio. Fruity is great if you are just wanting to make beats, there is no recording function. Fruity and Fire give a good selection of synths and effect plug-ins, the ability to create automation, use a step sequencer, piano roll, and event editor. The producer edition gives you the ability to manipulate sound clips and record you also get Sytrus, an RM/FM soft synth. The next is Signature edition, the one I own, it has the same features as producer edition adding on NewTone pitch correction and time editor, the full version of the DirectWave sampler, Harmless additive and subtractive synth, video player and editor, and a few additional guitar and drum plug-ins. The all plugins bundle is just that, every Image-Line plugin plus FL Studio.

    Being an avid user I am here to help answer any questions. If you have ideas for topics that concern specific elements of FL Studio, I would be glad to cover those topics.


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