Hip-Hop Anarchy [Digital Version]


King Kudda – Hip-Hop Anarchy Album

2017 – Release – 13 Tracks


Earworm Entertainment Proudly Presents
King Kudda – Hip-Hop Anarchy

1.) Anarchy [intro]

2.) Satan

3.) Fucked Up Boogie featuring Jay Prophet

4.) W.Y.W.H.M. (Why You Wanna Hate Me) featuring Canna CDK

5.) Asshole

6.) Kush featuring ReQless

7.) Backstabber featuring Jay Prophet

8.) Blows featuring ReQless

9.) Sick Chick featuring Canna CDK

10.) Super Toker Circle [S.T.C.] featuring 2puff Smoker, Mr. NoBody, and Canna CDK

11.) Real New England Hip-Hop

12.) Beating on my Chest

13.) Writings in my Book featuring Canna CDK


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